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Discussion in 'Security' started by 420 honey, May 8, 2011.

  1. My first beautiful female. Many sticky buds . Several healthy leaves growing off the sides (dwarfed her for indoors.almost 4 months old) Should I cut the outer large leaves off, so the energy goes into the buds rather than leaves too?Thanx mon
  2. cut fans first obv, so yes. use own judgement mostly as far as trimming goes, its like raising a kid, what you say/trim is how they come out. trim through till she gets closer to the end an leave em then... dry and do a final snip, you so high this post seems the most legit
  3. thanx mon,
    got anxious & did just that Used my judgement Never raised a kid,Id have f"ed that up 4 sure.
    Now hoping to get a free plant from one of these gorgeous leaves
    Puff on buddie !!
  4. um hey how do you make a thread
    i made this account 2day
  5. Wrong section, this is for Security issues... :cool:

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