Newbie grower starting indoor grow.

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  1. Ive started a outdoor grow now from which im waiting results. I plan to have a indoor grow. I need some basic recommendations.
    Is white widow a good indoor strain?
    Also I have 10 seeds now to plant. wondering Would I start them the same as I didnt outdoor?
    I started my outdoor grow with the seeding germinator disks (add water they expand) And got the sprouts up and transplanted into a pot for each. Wondering What would be the best indoor grow situation?
    Do they need actual sunlight? Or can you do a grow with NO sunlight?
  2. Yeah you can start them out the same way.
    Of course growing indoors you would need to emulate sunlight. For that you would need either an HID lid or a CFL light. HID's are the best.
  3. So a HID light is all id basically need and a enclosed space? Is there a space too big for indoor?
  4. If your growing 10 all at the same time make a grow box thats 5feet wide x 2feet deep x and 4-6feet high.Get a 400-600watt hps which can be found at you need an exhaust. you can use pc fans but you might want to look into buying a vortex blower. go to for that. Then paint it flat white on the inside or line it with maylar which can also be found at discount hydro. Thats all you NEED.But you can get a ph tester,nutrients,soil dampness tester,..ect. It all depends on how much you can spend.:)
  5. You also need:
    • Ventilation/fans
    • Good soil mix & containers
    • Nutes
    • Thermometer
    • RH meter
    • pH meter
    • Moisture meter doesn't hurt but you'll learn to know when the plants are thirsty without it
    • White walls or mylar
    • A way to raise/lower the lights easily (eyehooks in the ceiling and chains to the lights works well)
    • Lightproofing
    • Heavy duty timer(s)
    • Maybe a carbon scrubber or other odor control
    • A lock is never a bad idea for this hobby, no matter how unlikely someone would come across your grow
  6. Don't forget timer-timers, duct tape and a spaple gun for the mylar, short staples, extension cords, power strip, oh, here ya go, my list.

    I built a box ove a bathtub, and here is what I needed, less wood and screws.

    Good Luck!!

    View attachment Things needed.doc

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