Newbie Grower Seeks Veteran Guidance

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Kaliga, May 30, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone, First time poster hailing from Houston.

    I have been smoking for years now, and finally am starting to get sick of buying, and have recently become very interested in growing my own.

    I know there are plenty of rich threads on growing, but my questions are so simple and generic, i am hoping to get personal responses.

    Let me explain my situation.

    I live in a small apartment, and my only option for growing would be in my closet.
    At this point i am not interested in hydroponics, and only interested in the basics ATM.

    I want my garden to consist of 2 soil-planted potted plants.
    I want to keep it very simple as i learn the art of growing, and will eventually move onto more and more complex techniques as i go.

    Sorry for the wall of text, Here are the questions:

    1. What size pots do i need? What kind(terra cotta?)?
    2. What type of lamp is needed(HPS??) What wattage? What type of fixture?
    3. Whats a ballast?
    4. HPS or Florescent?
    5. Soil? Fertilizer?
    6. How long is the day/night cycle?
    7. Water how often?
    8. Flowering my plant? what is it? how do i do it?

    and anything else i need to know.

    Keep 2 things in mind. I know NOTHING about growing, so i wont get any lingo if there is any. And that im trying to do this on as cheap of a budget as possible.

    Any feedback will be appreciated.
  2. Won't happen. You'll get caught. I'll give you advice and you'll blow right through it and past it.

    Here is the only help I'll give. Everything you need to know is in the stickys in the tops of each forum. Read all of them and you are good to go.

    The last thing I'll mention before you go to jail is the space is too small and smell will eventually creep out even with a carbon filter (unless you know how to install ducts properly and properly seal a chamber, which hardly anybody does unless they do construction for a living).

    Good luck, but do post from jail. Let us know how it went.
  3. Please explain how it is not possible?
  4. oh the smell is very strong it seems.

    i stand defeated.

    good day.

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