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  1. Hi!

    Brand new to growing in general. After reading about 100 guides, watching, listening to suggestions, etc - I have run into a prob understanding what's what.

    Bottom line - my plant seems to be dying. I will edit this post in a few minutes to add a photo but the plant is pale yellow - nothing dark green about it. Below is my growing environment and questions that may help me resurrect this little baby!

    Plant condition: pale, yellow, dying.
    Soil: Scotts potting soil (no nutes added, just basic variety potting soil straight outta the bag - nothing added)
    400w HPS - on 24hrs - approx 18inches away from seedling
    Temp: 81-87F (day and night, temp never drops below 81F)
    pH: Some spots 5.5, other spots 6.8
    Water: Have been watering every morning, holding off now to wait and see if improves plant condition (changing to once every 3 days)
    Nutes: Non yet - figured a 2 week old seedling, in this condition, doesnt need em yet.

    Here are the items I'm not 100% comfortable with my knowledge on:

    pH - My understanding is 6.5-6.8 is ideal, however from talking with bro's at the hydro store most of the cheap meters they sell are not this specific. If I take a pH reading from the 'north' side of the planter my reading is 5.5. If I pull it, clean the probe, buff it again and then put it in the south side of the planter the reading is closer to 7.0.... so which pH would be the right one to go with? (I'd hate to add pH up if it's going to throw the thing out of wack). Also, has anyone attempted to go the cheaper route and just dissolve baking soda in water and apply to planter to raise the pH base?

    pH - I have also read that 5.5-6.5 is ok as the plant will still absorb nutrients. Many guides list different pH's as the ideal. Which one is correct?

    Temp - I am under the impression that 80-85F is an ok, if not ideal, growing temp. However some have said this is a little warm. I've added a 465CFM exhaust fan (fan almost lifts the damn growing box off the ground!) and still sitting around 81F... is this too hot for a new plant (mine is roughtly 2-3inches tall)

    Watering - Most say water when soil is dry, plant needs water and soil is dry 2inches down. However, what behavior traits do plants have to show they need water? What traits are shown when plant is getting too much water?

    Thanks for your help! Nothing worse than sitting here with a dying plant and having no plan of attack for bringing her back to health! :(

  2. Just took these pics - Plant age is roughly 2 weeks.

    Condition: Yellow (obvious) but also noticed this morning that 2 of the 4 leaves are now starting to get a slight brown shade (can kinda see in the pictures) on the wider leaves. Brown is appearing near the end of the 'square' looking leaves. Could this be due to over watering? Arrggh.... :(


  3. hold off on the watering and maybe move your light up a bit ... a little stretch is easier to fix than a fried sprout
  4. also what kind of soil have you used ???? i had one of those kind of ph testers ... theyre about as much use as an umberella to a fish ... next time you water the plant catch the water that runs through and test that with a water testing ph kit and you will see a truer result ..
  5. Ahhh Shamen now that's some good damn thinking! I'm letting everything dry out for 2-3 days and then I'm going to try that... I've got a pH test kit for my pool (gotta be more accurate than this stick piece of crap).

    And I think at this point, no matter what, I'm going to drop soil and go hydro. Soil just seems to have too many variables that hydro easily fixes. The soil I'm using is standard walmart potting soil with zero nutes (no Miracle shit here).... so I know it cant be nute burning.

    I also believe I may have gotten a light that needs to be pretty high up for these little guys. Thank God I only used reg's seeds (shit bag) for testing.. I'd hate to waste some really good seed on such a failed experiment.

    I'll test the pH using the drained water and see where I'm at...

    Any thoughts on using Baking soda in the water mix instead of buying the pH UP?
  6. hmmm well if youre using just your regular potting soil you shouldnt have a problem with the ph .... what does the water come out of your tap at ???? you could try using bottled water for a couple of days .... when i used a 400 watt hps i hept the light probably 3 feet above the plant when it was so young and if it starts to strecth just either lower the light or lift the plant ..
  7. Ok - perhaps the light height is the issue.

    As for the water, I was (up to yesterday) watering every morning with distilled water. So I doubt that's the issue.

    Here's another twist that I bet is the cause (just thought of it). I am only attempting to grow 1 plant as a test (not expecting to yield anything) and I ended up placing that plant in the box while I was finishing it up (caulking the inside of it). I BET that the fumes from the caulking have caused this mess. If fumes could actually affect the plant (which I suspect they can).

    I think I'm going to keep the veggies I have growing in there for now, rip everything else out and go hydroponics from here on out. Setup seems like more of a hassle but atleast I'll be able to easily control water, nutes, etc to a much more acurate level.


  8. If you're watering everyday, that IS the issue, that's wayyyy to much watering for that little guy, even my two 3' plants don't suck water that fast...ease off till the soil is DRY then water again.
  9. from the pics, alone, I would guess too much water. Let those pots dry out until your plant is begging for it and then give it a good soaking. Then take moisture samples from at elast an inch down before watering next.
  10. I saw a couple things wrong.

    You're overwatering. Once a day is too much.

    5.5 is too low for ph in soil. That is on the lower end for hydro. Soil is 6.1 - 6.8 ish I believe. Don't quote me on it, that's off the top of my head.

    The 400w might be too much light for the seedling. I always start mine with flouros.

    Temps are too high. If your low is 81, you have a problem. 78 is the ideal temp.

    From your new pics, the plant should be much bigger and the soil looks soaked. Either you just watered or you are still overwatering. Are there any drainage holes in your pot? I believe scotts is like miracle grow and holds the water like a bitch. Definitely cut back on watering.
  11. Thanks everyone for observations and recommendations!

    I have decided to go the hydroponics route. I believe this will solve the majority of issues I'm having (over watering, soil holding in moisture like a bitch, pH issues, etc). I originally went with soil cause I thought it would be 'easier'... little did I know!

    I also realize I have a temp issue. It's made worse because the highest temps for me are at night (when A/C is turned off, windows are closed, etc). I guess most of you guys run A/C 24hr's a day to keep the grow room in the 70's... I'm going to work on venting the hot air better and possibly look at just running the A/C all the time (maybe put a duct fan in that room's vent so it sucks more air?).

    The pics I posted were also taken moments after I watered. This is why the soil appears to be wet and packed. Also using standard pots (with drain holes) and I know they're draining.

    I honestly just think I was too 'in a hurry' and wanting 'the perfect plant' in the beginning...over watering, putting the light too close, etc.

    Live and learn I suppose.
  12. You watered this little guy to much and the room was a little hot. what is the NPK on that soil? might be one of those who pick up the hydro faster .... but patience is still the leading factor to growing this herb to perfection............IMO :wave:

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