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  1. Im new to smoking and I have never grown pot. I live in middle Minnesota and its getting cold about now. I know that Im looking for a 100% (or close to) sativa strain. Does anyone know a good strain for beginners? Also, I don't know what seed bank to use. Anyone know a good one with relatively cheep seeds so that I don't loose too much money if I screw up?
  2. if this is your first time growing, i'd highly recommend not trying to grow a 100% sativa. they tend to be much more finicky, have MUCH longer flowering times, and yield much less.

    try going for something that is only "sativa dominant", like 70/30 or 60/40 sativa/indica. i can personally recommend Nirvana's White Widow or Jock Horror (check the attitude seed bank, or direct from nirvana's seed bank to buy them). perhaps someone else can recommend other sativa dominants, but those are the two i've grown and been happy with. good luck.
  3. thanks for the advice. I have been doing a lot of research to try to have the best outcome possible. I guess this is getting a little off topic but is it true that the quality of the weed depends on the amount of money put into the equipment used to grow it, or is it mainly the amount of time and care put into the plant?

    Also, if anyone has anymore seed or seed bank suggestions as well as any general advice, please share
  4. Yes. :)

    Shit in equals shit out, whether it's crappy equipment or crappy care, within reason of course. You don't need the top of the line everything to get good results by any menas. But the one place not to skimp, I believe, is in lights. A good MH/HPS setup is very much worth the extra money. Second, is in a good carbon scrubber as that is your best defense against possible legal and safety issues. Then you can go down from there- you can get generic soil, nutrients, pH adjusting solutions, etc long as you get the right kind.

    Hope that is useful.
  5. very useful. one thing though. I know a carbon scrubber is used for odor control, but how does it work? Also, I am only planning on growing maybe 5 or 6 plants, pretty much just for pot to use personally and bring to parties and stuff, is odor really going to be a problem with 6 plants?
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    absolutely. it's a problem with one plant. and when it only takes a single nosy neighbor or an unexpected guest in your house to smell your felony operation, spending the extra money for a carbon scrubber is a good idea, especially since they are much cheaper than lawyer fees and jail time.

    carbon scrubbers are just like any other air filter, except they have"activated" carbon/charcoal inside of them, making them ideal for removing plant odors. you can find them on ebay, or any retail store online, or probably your local hydro store. there are many different designs, but one that simply hangs above the plants and blows the filtered air out of the closet should work well.
  7. You mentioned it was best to use MH/HPS lights, which i understand are Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lights. I did a bit of reading and I learned that Metal Halide bulbs are much less efficient than High Pressure Sodium lights. Is it a problem to only have High Pressure Sodium lights? Also, am I able to use the same lights throughout the entire grow, or is it a must to use a different kind of bulb later in the growing stage?

    Ultra Sun 901531, 901531 , Ultra Sun 901531 Enhanced Performance HPS Lamps - 1000 Watt - eLIGHTS
    This is the High Pressure Sodium bulb I found for very cheap considering the price of some of the other bulbs there. Will this due?

    Thank you for being patient with my questions
  8. i think you're going to need to do some reading up on proper lighting man. there is a lot you still need to learn that i can't really outline in a single post. i wrote a guide that is linked in my sig that you can check out that would contain a good bit of info about this sort of stuff.

    but to answer your questions briefly, you're going to want both metal halide and high pressure sodium. MH is used for veg growth, while HPS is used for flowering. having only one of them will hinder the growth of your plant quite substantially. also note that you're going to need a ballast to run those bulbs in addition to the bulb itself. again, check my guide in my sig for more information on the proper ballasts.

    good luck.
  9. Chiefton8 is totally right. Understanding how color spectrums work was what convinced me to get one of each type of HID. High Times "Ready,Set,Grow!" DVD (or dl) helped me a bunch. Grasscity has a kazillion of helpful links that I'll never get done checking out too!!
  10. Nacho, thank you very much for the DVD suggestion, I am downloading right now and hope to get it watched by the end of tomorrow. Also, chief, thanks for your help so far, I also downloaded your PDF and started to read it. It has helped a lot to straighten things out. This will be the end of this thread, Ill be doing a lot more research over the next few weeks. Hopefully I will be up and growing in the next 3 months or so.

    thanks again

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