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  1. so i'm new to growing and i've looked around the forums and read some things but a lot of it doesn't make sense. so i want to do a indoor closet grow, 2-4 plants at most. where should i start with a grow box? what should i line the inside with? lights? smell? air flow? i'd really appriciate the help guys
  2. just set up some lights with a fan, get some good soil and guano have youreself a good gro.
  3. I would do a max of 2 in a first time closet grow. Line the inside with mylar or reflectix; or cheaper options would be those sun reflectors you buy for car windscreens or even an emergency blanket.

    Use a rubbermaid set-up. Two plant will fit-in a rubbermaid set-up and it is easy to stack two or three of them for perfect height, use a scrog screen or lst to restrict the height and increase yeilds. A method based on this design will give you an idea should you wish to customise it for your own needs.

    Get cfl's and multi-sockets which changes one light socket into two (we don't have them in my country so can't offer much here).

    Make sure you have 100w of actual cfl light on a plant (eg. 5x20w) and 50w extra per plants. For two plants you would have 150w or a bit more, so about 8 cfls. Keep the light 1 inch from plant minimum and 8 inch maximum, probably want to go closer rather than farther.

    Look-up DIY carbon scrubber (eg. though there are many DIY designs here, this one is very functional but some look better. A carbon scrubber will eliminate smell.

    Use a pc fan before the carbon scrubber, get a 120 millimetre (not sure what Americans call it) as it will have no problem with the carbon scrubber or moving sufficient ait through your set-up and pc fans are relatively cheap, allowing you to get a good one. Order a cell phone cord off ebay at the same time as you get the pc fan. Seperate the wires (red to red, black to black, twist them together) and tape them individually to ensure a short-circuit is not possible.

    Lastly get a timer for your fan or lighting.
  4. There are many forums that show you how to grow. Along with that there are many books that you can read. The forumes here are to ask questions that the books don't answer. I read for two years until I grew a single seed. This isn't easy, if ou want to grow you need to be connected and read a lot.
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    Thank you and I know how to grow. Grew an outdoor plant once, but it got destroyed by a storm :/

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