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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by scottyfos420, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. Can anybody give me advice that has experience with outdoor growing? I livve in wisconsin so it is usually colder temps and i have never even attempted a growth. As much info as you could leave me would be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. Start planting when Wal MArt starts selling tomato plants in the lawn and garden Department.

    And I think you need an Indica strain because they finish faster in the fall before Frost will get you. (there is a recent post in this section that deals with northern latitude strains) Think Afghani - cold weather.
  3. hey fellow wisconsinite outdoor grower

    i just so happen to have some dates for u

    may 15th is the last freeze date (well its suppose to be)

    and oct 15th is the first freeze date (well its suppose to be)

    play it safe...and use may 25 and oct 1st.

    but BPP is when they start putting out tomato plants. or even better pepper plants.

    i start my outside stuff about april 20th...and give them 14hours on and 10 off till they are ready to go outside.

    another thing to think about...upper wisc is earlier freeze and thaw than about 1.5 weeks. those dates i gave u are for central part of the state.

    gl and find me when they are done...ill be the one with sticky fingers and a HUGE smile on my face around nov 1st :)

    oh yea i forgot...yea grow indica up here...afgani would be ok...i grow mango and northern light. gonna try skunk #3 and hash plant this year also...just to see the results and i love soooooo much that taste of outside grown hash plant!!!!!!!!
  4. nother WI grower here! Central also! although I have never had sucessus growing, im gonna put a lot of time and effort into it this year, and im gonna be growing indoor/than outdoor so any other info you can give me would be great!

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