Newbie Grower, Cfl Bagseed Grow. How am i looking?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Kellerkeels, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. so today is day 32 of my grow, 3 days into flowering. planning on starting on dyna gro liquid bloom tonight. i've been running about 250w (125 per plant) and using fox farm ocean forrest.

    how are they looking (there's two plants, two pictures of each) and how am i doing at this? i started this as an experiement, which soon grew into me being on GC 24/7 trying to learn

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  2. And it's a girl!!!!! The one on the left just sprouted pistols I'm so excited hah
  3. They are looking good, just so you know though, when you flip to 12/12 you don't start counting the days as flowering until you can identify pre-flowers. You don't want to chop a week earlier than planned. But yeah for a first grow with bagseed and cfl you're looking really nice at 32 days. I can tell you fimmed it with the goofy looking top :p.

    Another suggestion I may give is start cutting back on the N supplement because it looks like your leaves are very dark green and glossy. These are symptoms of high N level and this can stunt flowering. Not a big issue though just stop with veg food and it'll fix itself.
  4. Looking nice, im going to start my first grow PRETTY soon. I'll check back for updates :)

  5. ha the same thing happened to me. i dont evan smoke but all my friends do. it started with just a clone and now its a addiction. im on gc all day evan at work learning
  6. looks real good for a CFL grow, keep it up.
  7. So what would happen if i put two seedlings into one 5 gal bucket?
  8. i'd probably wait, in my opinion. but it's also my first time too so who knows haha. what i did was keep my seedlings in the cup until the roots started poking out of the bottom, then transplanted into a 1 gal pot until the same thing happened, then moved into 5 gal buckets when they were about 6 inches tall.

    anyways, here's an update. today is day 34 of my total grow. it's been about 5 days since i switched to 12/12. The first picture is of plant A. Two days ago she sprouted her first pistols and is starting to get more but not a tremendous amount. She's getting burnt leaves though which is driving me nuts because i still have yet to add any nutes to her.

    The Second and Third picture are of Plant B. I'm not sure the sex on it yet. I thought i saw pistols yesterday but now i can't find them. What's worrying me though is the beggining of the stalks. They look like their big balls but i'm not sure if these are the balls i'm looking for. The last picture is of that. The where the stalk and the branches meet.

    What do you guys think? Are these balls or am i just worrying?

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  9. and sorry for the shitty quality picture. The balls i'm talking about are the lighter cooler looking swollen parts where the branches attach
  10. Those are not balls :). Those are knuckles from where you have done training or the plant has had to fatten up the stalks for some reason. Those are good to have, provides a nice support structure for the flowers you are going to have.

    Here's a picture of the inside of my recently cropped emerald jack as it was just starting flowering, probably the same age roughly as your girl.

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  11. looks good move ur lights closer 2-4 inches plants should be bright what kind of soil are u using
  12. Okay cool that's good to know, I was nervous haha.that makes sense that theyre knuckles from laying because started to lst but then I couldnt get em to stay down so it grew back upright but had a million new tops on the side. I'm hoping she's a girl.

    And I'm using fox farm ocean Forrest. I hear it's great soil and I like it because I haven't had to add any nutes yet and when I tested her her nutes were still surplus. Nitrogen is really high though which think is causes the dark green. Leaves are slowly getting some burn too I feel like it's from the ffof but I dot know what to do since I'm not adding nutes to the one

    I did add dynagro liquid bloom to plant b though but I used such a small amount so I'm nt sure if it's done much
  13. Maybe its time for a good flush my friend? Nute burn isnt good niether is that high nitrogen.
  14. How do I flush???
  15. Flushing is easy, you just need to pour 3 gallons of water/gallon of soil through your container. Make sure it is just water with as low EC or PPM as you can. This will get rid of the salt buildup from nutrients and leave the soil clean for you to start feeding again.
  16. okay cool. so here's some pictures of my problem leaves. They're all towards the bottom of the plant.

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  17. The first two pictures kind of look like a calcium deficiency and the third possibly phosphorous, but I can't say for sure.
  18. I don't thunk it's potassium I tested the npk and they're all really high
  19. I mean phosphorus ha

  20. I veg right up till mine show preflowers when they're sexualy mature then I flip the switch. I used to count days from the moment I switched to 12/12 but now I check trichs and I usually lose track of the actualy day around thirty five...this time I wrote it down though so I'm not going crazy trying to figure it out later

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