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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Geefunk, May 12, 2006.

  1. Sorry to post another thread but I want a bit of advice before i shell out any hard cash for a grow that will be crap.

    Ive read aload of threads about lamps, grow boxes, fans etc and am thinking of goin with something like this



    Similar in size to the picture above but gonna make one or get one from a junk shop dirt cheap



    I was thinking of using 200watts for this

    Computer fans for cooling etc.


    Gonna make or buy one - smell might not be a problem though

    Was thinking of taking the lid of then mounting the light underneath the lid so it can be adjusted in hight according to the plant size. then obviously placing it back on top of the box

    Paint the inside white.

    These will all be mashed together with the hope of growin 1 or 2 plants. Im not that fussed about getting 6ozs but a nice crop will do for me for personaland am just gonna play about with bag seed and LST them to keep them a bit more compact than usual

    i really want help on if the light will be strong enough for the space or will burn my house down because it is too hot.

    any help
  2. That light would probably get that thing way too hot. If you have to grow in such small conditions, I would recommend using fluorescent lights.
  3. i ahve a 250 watt hps let me tell u about the heat that comes off this thing! it feels like u r under the 100 degree sun! i have a box thats 4ft long x4ft tallx and 18 inch wide. i thought it was all good then i put the hps on lol. it was like 108 with no fan then i got it to come down with passive intake holes and exhaust fans and a fan blowing on the light down to 85. i have no probs now even tho i hear its too hot for plants i never have a problem now but i was surprised how hot this thing gets! u also need sunglasses to go in there and smell is a problem i ahve 3 unflowered plants stinkn i have to use scented plug ins to conceal it!
  4. thanks for the advice guys. Floro it is

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