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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by KPonics, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone...just showing some respect by dropping a few lines to introduce myself. I'm looking to dive into the world of hydroponics growing so I hope i can get some great advice here. I look forward to it!

    Just blaze!:smoke:
  2. what's up man, welcome to the city!
  3. Thx Mel! Respect.

    Just blaze!
  4. whats up kponics! glad to see another nyc cat

    growing is the best situation in thesetough times espec with our prices bro.
  5. What up black! U kno it! Its always nice to talk to a fellow new yorker. Do you grow dude? I'm so very new to growing and im in bad need of guidance! Hydroponic systems have caught my eye. Been researching it.
  6. Always nice to see more of us from NY joining the city. Good luck with your ventures into growing. I know that there are more then a few that are willing to help you with that, just check into the growing section. They are really active and will help you out ASAP. Lastly, welcome, I look forward to seeing you around.
  7. Likewise snareC...thx for taking a sec to welcome me to the city!

    Just blaze!
  8. welcome compadre!

  9. Yep, been doing it for a few years bro. not perpetual but a few successes.

    if your a new grower, i suggest you start with soil
    or if your really into a soil-less grow then i suggest coconut coir.

    the reason is because with hydro, one mistake can fuck your whole thing up.

    "hydro is like an infant baby, needs care everyday, yet soil is like a teenager, a check up everyday is fine for them" got a quote similar to that somewhere i forgot:smoking:

    Are you located in manhattan or the other boroughs?
  10. Welcome kp I'm new also and also from new York .
  11. hey located in the bx...near yankee stadium. i noticed that some ppl do say that soil is easier but for some reason i seem to be drawn to hydroponics. soil seems messy too. I have to look into this coconut coir dont kno much about it. which ever route i go at seems the hardest part is going to be the lights. I am gonna go with cfl to save on the electricity bill. but then i think i have to find away to mount them. its so much to do way before the planting phase. I think i have a good sapce, an old stereo system case. anyway thanks for taking a sec to get back to me. -Respect
  12. kmbike! thx for the welcome...same to u! -Respect

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