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  1. My husband and I have 3 plants in 5 gallon grassroot fabric pots currently our gorilla glue is in the 4th week of flower and bottom fan leaves have started yellowing with brown spots as well as candyland thats in the 3td week of flower and is just now showing a few bottom fan leaves yellowing with the brown spots. We feed usuing roots organic player pack the soil is happy frog mixed with cocoa we gave them some elemental (calmag) what else can we do to help the ladies out? 20170817_183334.jpg 20170817_183342.jpg 20170816_184036.jpg 20170817_183334.jpg 20170817_183342.jpg 20170816_184036.jpg
  2. Not much the yellowing looks like nitrogen deficiency. If you add to much nitrogen it will antagonize flowering. So small doses of nitrogen will help color.

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    add a extra 100ppm's of N, 150 ppm's of Cal / 150 ppm's of Mag ONLY PS YOU ARE USING ROOTS ARGANIC'S CAL MAG SuPPLEMENT they're cal mag DOES NOT ADD ANY Nitrogen which is your main problem here, go grab yourself a bottle of cal mag extra + from advanced nutrients trust me you need the Nitrogen, and add this before you add you'r base this is my 2 cent's since you added cocoa? aka coco? i understand people add coco too a soil-based medium too increase the amount of synthetic salts that are up-taken by they're root's, but if you have no idea what your doing, extra coco will just lock out Iron thus leading you too Nitrogen Deficiency's like what you have, stick too a medium and don't modify it because you feel like it real talk, dirtyviperman above me is correct, the yellowing is due too N Defic, and the brown spots are primarily necrosis lol aka completely dead spot's.
    PS, are you really in week 4? because honestly your bud development look's like shit, what is your nutrient regimen looking like through out flower? like earlyer stages? how do u feed your girls?
    The name of my GAME is running INHERT medium's causing Massive Nutrient Uptake when im running massive ammounts of Chellated Synthetic Salt Based Fert's Homie, Fuck bio mineral and fuck organic breaking down organic matter with mass amounts of benies and enzymes, my yield speaks peace.
  4. You want to give the plants nitrogen up till about week 3. When flower mode triggers the stretch and flowering sucks up nutes (from leaves) at a higher rate. You can foliar feed then small doses in the morning and at night till you see some green starting to come back. Won't affect your flower. Light determines whether it'll grow leaves or not
  5. Week 4 outdoor is like week 2 for indoor. A lot different. Some strains even flower with less than 15hours of light. That's why it takes forever.
  6. Update!!!! Per my hubby we are not in week 4 we are week 2. For top feed we are using uprising foundation, uprising bloom and elemental. For liquid feed we do ancient amber, buddah bloom extreme serene ,trinity,and HPK . We give worm tea twice a week also water.
  7. Dont listen to that dude. Your plants look great even if they are in week 4.

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