Newbie: First time growing (please help)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by iGrow4mySelf, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. I got my Auto Seeds from "Attitude"
    I got my lights and my water :)

    Its a closet room, what else do i need?
  2. Unless you got some magic beans ur gonna need some soil or other medium, nutrients, pots etc
  3. Forgot to mention a got that too, what kinda nuttrients do i need to buy? :smoke:
  4. Your going to want Nutes for the Veg Period and Separate Nutes for Blooming "Flowering"

    You should look into Advanced Nutrients or General Hydroponics. Boot do the Job from what I have been told and the quality is kind of in the names :)

    ( You can also get all sorts of stuff to combine with your Base Nutrients for Root Growth Girth and so on. For me less is always more is what Im learning.)

    Im a first timer too so this is just what I have read and been told through the grape vine.

    Your going to also keep a steady eye on your Ph level. You can buy a cheap pack of testing strips and UP and DOWN solution at any Plant or Hydro store. 99% of the time there guys and girls that work here are super friendly and awesome! Im figure!

    Keep your Temps under 80 and circulate your space with lots of fresh air.

    Good Luck!

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