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Newbie-first time and still feeling effects

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SuburbanPot1979, Aug 28, 2017.

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    I am unsure where to post this for sure...since I'm new, I'm hoping I'm putting this in the right place. I'm hoping you can give me some insight because I'm not liking what has been my first experience with mj.

    Ok, I'm a lightweight...admittedly! I can have half a cocktail and be buzzed. And I truly don't enjoy the buzzed feeling. I know this about myself, so I should have known to be more careful. I'm 37, and have never had weed before this experience.

    Saturday evening we were having dinner at a friend's house and he offered me some special chocolate because he knows I've been struggling with some anxiety and thought it could help. He gave me literally a small bite. I have no clue what kind it was or how much is in it, he just said it takes his back pain away and mellows him. I have taken cbd pills before (the .3% or less version you can buy legally anywhere) and never noticed a hugedifference in my feeling, so I expected this to not do much for me either.

    Within about an hour it hit...and it hit quickly and I knew then I had made a mistake. I was completely out of it and beginning to panic. I could barely walk and couldn't really talk either... I felt asleep but awake if that makes any sense. I went to sleep about 3-4 hours later and slept all night but woke up the next day still feeling a little spaced. I could talk and function I like the night before but still felt kind of high and out of it. Today is more than 36 hours later and I'm still feeling pretty off.

    I am fully supportive of marijuana and believe it's got incredible value for lots of things. But this experience has me thinking I'll never take it again. I never want to feel like this again, and truly want nothing more than to go back to how I was feeling before taking that bite of chocolate. Again, it seemed like the perfect amount for a first timer, maybe a 1/10 of a piece. But I'm obviously very sensitive to it and it was FAR too much for my first time.

    Any suggestions on getting out of this funk? I do have cbd oil capsules still, and I have read that can help...but honestly I'm kind of afraid to put anything more in my system because I just want to feel normal again. I already take antidepressants, and that hasn't changed, but don't know if taking could help. I'm feeling anxious because of what I'm still feeling...worrying it won't go away at all.

    I know...newbie, and it may annoy you for that reason...but I'd truly appreciate some advice on what I'm experiencing and how to help.
  2. Don't injest or smoke anymore weed and just drink plenty of water, you will be fine in a few days. Probably all those pills you take. Big pharmaceuticals meds are way worse than what weed will ever do go you. Go back to drinking your "cocktails" even though you don't enjoy it. Actually why don't you take up knitting ?
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  3. Lol...I know, I sound lame! Lol. I have 4 kids and have been married for 17 years. I have a wonderful life, lame as it may seem. Never liked knitting because I can't stay still in activity like that for long with 4 kids.

    I am interested in marijuana in a form that is therapeutic for that I can get off of all of these meds I am on. But this was definitely too much for me. I'm not closed off to it, but i will find someone much more educated on strains etc that won't give me more anxiety. It was a feeling of being unable to control my body and it was horrible for me. That's the stuff that triggers my anxiety, so this was not a pleasant experience. Again, some have said CBD oil would counteract this feeling, but again...kind of hesitant to use it at this point until I know for sure it won't make my zones and spacey feeling worse.
  4. Smoke a joint and down a few shots of alcohol you'll be fine:ey:
  5. We got ourselves a class 3 suburban housewife is diving into the scary world of weed. Listen you act as if your going on a spirt walk, take the cbd oil it won't even make you high as long as it's just cbd. It will simply relax you. If your in a legal state then search out high cbd strains. And if your not in a legal state. Then your fucked like meo_O:ey:
  6. If this is truly your first experience with marijuana, you should definetly give it another chance. Next time, try smoking a little. Try 1 or 2 puffs first and go from there. It's all about your comfort level and strain of marijuana. Make sure you're in a place that you feel safe and someone should be there with you incase you feel like there's a chance you're going to freak out.

    Eating cannabis in a bigger dose than you're use to can give you a body high that makes you feel like you're not in control. Once you've figured out your comfortability with smoking (what isn't enough to suppress the anxiety/what is too much and makes the anxiety sky rocket) then try a small piece of an edible again. It can take some trial and error.

    Lastly, watch Moana, that movie is amazing! ✊️
  7. I am a suburban housewife trying to get the benefits out of marijuana in a non legal state. Which sucks...Missouri will be one of the last I'm sure.
    I am open to trying again but will likely have to wait until it's legal and I can visit a dispensary, or visit a state that is and visit a dispensary.
    I know it is laughable to those that are experienced...but I have never felt so out of body like that and it wasn't pleasant. To be truly honest...I was hoping for great sex that night and I was too out of body to even function. Not a fun high. I would rather have one that is mild and enjoyable. I'll try again...but it will be after I know exactly what I need and how to do it slowly. With an edible, once you have ingested you're stuck with it for a while...for me it was too long! Seeing as how I still feel disconnected today...almost 48 hours later. Strong stuff!
  8. You could just do what they told you, instead of eating an edible first time (which is way too much), roll a joint hit it twice or so, wait... If you don't feel it in 15 minutes take another 1 or 2 puffs and wait again, do so until you get the desired effect.

    My first time I smoked way too much (because it wasn't kicking in for some reason but then it all came up) and I said the same, that I wouldn't smoke again.

    I've smoked lots of times since that day, and know that I know how much is too much it's completely different.

    Though sometimes I would like to space just as I did that first time, but without being anxious as now I know what it feels like.

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  9. your 37 and first time trying pot? and it was a edible? ouch lol,ask your friend for some shake vape or smoke it you feel it when others will not
  10. Unfortunately without knowing the strength of the chocolate bar, 1/10 could be a little or could be a lot. I have had 100 mg chocolate bars (10 mg a piece) which probably would have given you some lighter effects. But I have also had chocolate bars that are 300 mg+ which brings it to 30 mg a piece which for a complete beginner could be too much, and an edible high can get a lot more intense than smoking or vaping.

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