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  1. So i wanted to get some feedback as to what u all think of what i got set up

    Security is back room solid wood door (i installed)with keypad lock on door and hinges on inside...sturdy.


    I have a sharp ultraquiet stand alone 9500 btu ac unit with a 4" duct run into the grow room and heat venting into the floor
    I run 82 degrees with both lights on and one fan and the ac inlet.
    I installed a 220 watt digital timer for my lights and 2/220 watt outlets:) more effecient
    My buddy ran it to the panel for me on its own circuit
    I have 2 nextgen 1000 watt digital ballasts
    I have one New hortilux blue MH
    I have one slightly used Hps
    CO2 Tank setup
    Sentinal chhc-1 environment controller
    I ran extra power outlets in the grow room for fans and powering the hydro setup
    I have a vortex 6" fan with a silencer and speed meter that goes through both lights and then to a carbon filter in the same room as my ac unit
    I have a RO 100 gallon a day ( gal every 18 minutes ) system
    I have a CaP ebb and gro system 6 bucket with a 33 gallon reservoir in the next room
    (need a tank chiller before i continue tho....waitin for the next paycheck...i usually do it manually every other day so they dont stay too wet. seems a problem with rockwool)

    The plants in soil are doing VERY GOOD and it was very little work as far as maintenance goes. Watered about once a week with little nutes and they look awesome!!!
    I like working with soil so i think im going to always run a few in that medium.
    Have 2 outdoor and 2 indoor so i can see the difference with CO2....and you can...buds seem almost 30-40 percent bigger on the co2.
    As far as nutrients i have some of the roots organic line...ancient amber..oregonism..trinity..also doin the a/b advanced nutrient bloom. Got my b vitamins and my cal max for the ro. Got some sweet for taste enhancement and i also got a little liquid karma for some extras...have a beneficial enzyme that i use in my hydro.and .....NO I DONT USE ALL THIS EVERY TIME
    i already burned a few plants and lernt my lesson K !
    I have a few plants in soil which will be picked for mothers and cloning later....depending on what i like the best....have some F1 seeds coming from amsterdam for breeding later
    Really like far
    Much to learn....
    3 months In and learning every Day

    Lost about five clones to various things but mostly newbieism
    Have one large plant in recovery after a ring started creeping up the stalk:devious:
    Have one Dwarf and two REALLY short plants that idk wtf but they R budding and we shall C.

    Ive read the book Soma wrote on growing and the horticulture bible
    I have the marijana garden saver book which is a MUST HAVE

    Any other books u guys recommend?

    Strains i have are
    Power plant
    banana og
    bubble og
    Angel Moroni
    Black domina
    Pink bubblegum (found a seed ) yesssssss!!!!!!!
    GDP x ogk
    quirkle (not impressed so far really short but that cuda been my bad.

    I have had some issues with bugs gettin in to my back room so i went the natural way with lady bugs and just got some green lacewings which have been proven effective against the european red spider mite. should hatch in a few days and keep the red mite in check.
    I also found on another forum that CO2 can and has been used to treat food for bugs for several years and does not affect taste. SOOOO
    5000 ppm for 20 minutes is what the forum said
    I dont have a meter that goes that high so i bagged one plant to test it and did it for 40 minutes (after the first test they were still movin) with the bag being fed fresh co2 when the bag would deflate a little....
    Nothin was movin when i was done i checked. repeat every three days or so and you should have no problems.
    Be carefull when u do it cause that shiz will kill you....and dont leave your dog at home while ur doin it either just in case u forget....

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