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  1. Beginner on grass city and beginner to growing! So i have 3 plants in 18-6 under 4 24w cfls. They’re in a cardboard box set up i made, i have a tent on the way which is 24”x24”x48”. After my tent gets here i’m curious what light fixtures i should get , i was thinking of going led. was going to put a picture of the three babies but idk how to use this platform very well, yet.
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  2. Are you using your phone to update/post?? Also what brand of tent is ur 2'x2'x4'

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  3. Where you going to put the other two plants ?
    Three plants in a 2x2 ft area is cramped
  4. i was planning on getting a scrog along with heavy lst

    Thank you all at grasscity , much love.
  5. it’s just a cheap one i found on wish , i already got it and the frame is pretty sturdy , first tent ever and i think i made a good purchase

    Thank you all at grasscity , much love.
  6. Not an LED user but it really depends on your budget and what type of set up. Planning on Co2? AC or just fresh air ventilation. I would use a 315w CMH for veg and a 600w HPS that can be dialed down for Flower.
  7. my set up is going to be in a 2x2x4 tent in my closet with a window in it. ordered a 300 watt led, heard it pulls about 150 from wall. I plan on going from solo cups to 1 gallon fiber pots and hopefully finishing out in that, bc i already have 3 plants in 1 gallon bags about 3 weeks in almost 4. i plan to lst them heavily and have already started, they’re in a diy growbox i made from cardboard. when i get the tent and light i wanna lst until it’s somewhat crowded then i wanna throw a scrog over it to keep it low enough for my led with no burn. i am using the general hydroponics trio line with cali magic. they’re in potting soil and i ph the water to around 6.5. i am not sure on ventilation. i have an idea but i haven’t done much research on it so i need help with that. my budget is somewhat cheap, i make good money but i’m not trying to throw a crap ton into it for my first grow. i’ve never used anything other than cfls, not very successfully, but it’s in my closet in my bedroom so i’m trying to use leds because the electricity bill won’t spike up as much and the heat won’t be as bad, i’m just a newbie tho who’s done a good bit of research but when it comes to lighting i have no clue cause there’s so many options for so many different styles and tents. but i’m planning on setting up an outtake with a carbon fiber filter then duct that directly out my window. i have these picked out but not order yet, any ideas/suggestions?



    need it to be stealthy and quiet.

    but for an intake i was gonna use a pc fan but idk how i would set that up for the grow tent, i use pc fans for ventilation on my makeshift box. any suggestions would be highly appreciated. thank you for your response TheTHCwhisperer

    Thank you all at grasscity , much love.
  8. Sounds like you have a solid plan now it's down to execution. Think about a thermostat to control for your fan so it turns on at a certain heat level to keep your temps in check and to replenish Co2. Make sure you have a fan inside the tent to replenish Co2 to the plants because the plants will use up Co2 around the stomata without proper air circulation. Besides that sounds good man. I use Mammoth P as a beneficial bacteria. If your not using Co2 the Mammoth P can help with higher yields and lower nute costs. I run about 750ppm in full veg and 1000ppm in flower.


    Hydrofarm FBA_CATMP-DNE Day/Night Cooling & Heating Thermostat, Day & Night Controller

  9. For LED's you will have to hit up one of the many LED guys here I have always used HID's but yes heat is an issue.
  10. yeah been debating on stepping up the game for awhile, i just order my duct work with a fan speed controller. where do i find the thing for the temps? so it’ll shut it down once the temps get too low and turn it on if it gets too high, etc.

    Thank you all at grasscity , much love.
  11. Yes or vice versa and you can dial night and day temps with 7,5 and 3 degree swing. This is a cheap one but it works. I would use it in conjunction with an accurate thermometer and set the controls based on the external thermometer. I just got mine but waiting for the window vent to install it.

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  12. hell man sounds like a great idea. i have a thermometer that reads temp highs and lows and rh percentage highs and lows

    Thank you all at grasscity , much love.

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