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    It is hard not to want to share the cycle of this plant, sad we have to hide it!

    I am a Medical user in the NW and started a box out of an old wood cabinet, has 3 usb fans(with adapters to AC) mylar lined ( not best job lol:smoke: wonder why)

    Strain: Marza (100% indica)

    Pot 2.5 gallon (all i could get at time)

    Soil: 20-20-20 mix similar to Fox farm

    water: tap (left out 24+hours)

    This is my first grow from seed. I started the seed to see if i could properly germinate, it was growin healthily so I slapped this rig together, im also using the diy version of carbon filter, well see may have make mods to it. started to LST if you can tell its slanted, its so bushy you cant see the twine.

    This thing is bushy! hows she look? I guestimate around 5-6 weeks veg I think, start germ in mid FEB. Using 4 27w cfl in daylight spectrum. have another light ill be adding soon. sex unknown at this point, when i find out it will determine wether i get couple clones then flower or start my other seeds of bubblegum and marza.

    thanks for looking! Sorry for wall of text, super excited and have had couple j's

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  2. looking nice and healthy try moving it up or your light down, keep them 2-3 inches from plant. At the current distance your losing alot of the usable PAR
  3. Too ingrossed(sp?) with the grow that I did not keep up on it. I am now in about the 6th week of flower and I am so happy :hello:

    Figure I will update some photos, im going to be happy with 10g yeild but I think this is looking like a good harvest, but this is my first one, what do you think?

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