newbie 1st harvest

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by IndoorGrower420, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. I Just went to walmart as well.. my 1st harvest...I bought 2 24 inch fluorescent 60 Hz,20W They say for plants..but tubes say aquarium.. and a screw in 65W blueish tent plant light in a reflective holder...My germinated plants are responding well to the florescent and have grown considerably since planting them...their aout 4 1/2 inch tall now!!!=)Im gonna buy more fluorescents......Any more suggestions PLEASE!!!!!
  2. Buy a replacement bulb for 5.97 at wal mart that is Full Spectrum...should be in a redish box in the light will flower much more nicely
  3. Replace the fuorecent or the standard...or should I just add more fluorescents full spectrums...more discriptions
  4. You could replace the fluorescents, or if you have a lot of plants then just add some. But fluros dont have all of the spectrum, this particular one does and does what a metal halide type system would do.
  5. So the full spectrum that your talking about would replace the once in my ballast (or whatever its called hehe) I have now???Or is the full spectrum a screw in type your talking about????sorry...Im a damn newbie...hehe

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