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  1. hey wasup my name is dyzio
    hello all readers.
    well i have got my hands on a hydroponics kit and before ill start figuring all this complicated hydro stuff i just have a quick Q & A. can i take 2-3 week old clones (soil) and put them in a soil less system how would i go about it?
    thank you ill check back soon
  2. yes, you can. I would start by transplanting them into straight perlite (leave watever dirt is around the roots alone) and then feed them some B1 with your waterings for about a week or two.

    To transplant them to their new hydro setup, CAREFULLY and GENTLY wash the stuff away from the roots. You don't have to get it all. Make sure it's done gently though. Then put it in your hydro setup and you should be good to go. It may be a good idea to clip some of the bigger leaves in half (take off the ends of the blades) jsut to reduce the tax the leaves are putting on the roots until the roots come back from the shock.

    Add B1 to the new hydro mix too.
  3. thats some good tips there thanks.
    ime geting hte clones 2morow so ill post a few pics.
    it my b-day today so thank you every1. and im gonna party 2nite and crack down on hydro setup.
    thanks a lot ill get pics soon thank you
    wish me luck

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