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  1. Hello im new and my plants are dieing, and i figured the seeds i have are just to insane. Mine are purple hulk or haze. So inturn i am wanting to know what seeds to buy that are easy to grow and cheap to buy then also 1 set of seeds a little more moderate to grow and obviously more expensive. and what website to buy from. preferably from the ones up top. Thank you
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    Why not try to save your current grow? By buying new seeds & starting a second grow you might inadvertently make the same mistake(s) create the same situation cause your plants to die again.
    But that's up to you.

    On one grow last winter I lost my electricity for a week & wound up tearing down my plants & starting over. Of the five grows I done so far that was the only one where I didn't learn anything.

    Start with this sticky
    then use the search feature for beginer strains & cheap seeds.
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  3. i learned from my plants that i used the wrong soil :/ miracle grow :D fail
  4. You'll hear more Mircle Grow horror stories than any other medium.
    I have been using Botanicaire ReadyGro with pearlite for the last year & really like it.
  5. where can i get some of that?

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