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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by db4lyfe, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. i live in eastern Va when should i harvest:confused:
  2. when it's ready :rolleyes:
  3. Make sure you wait till the longest possible time. Just before the rains set in.
  4. i can tell its a hybrid sativa dom. it wouls be nice to harvest by the beginning of oct. or mid oct. i might have to harvest early because my plants are in a cornfield and im not 100% sure when they harvest all i know is its in oct so........:eek:
  5. Definitely wait as long as you can to achieve max potency...I have read that you should wait until the trichomes turn milky, or amber. My plant has been growing since the end of March outdoors and I'm thinking it still has about a month to go before harvest. I have been sampling it since June and the buzz I get just keeps getting better with every trimming. When I take cuttings to root, I take one of the lower branches and dry and smoke what I have left after making clones. So if the weather turns, or the farmers start harvesting their corn, I'd high-tail it out there and harvest what you have. Some is way better than none.


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