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Newb stoner. Is this a good setup/plan?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by maxout5, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Hello GrassCity , 
    I am a newb stoner; i literally only smoked twice but u know what, I LOVED IT!
    I got this like kind of setup idea after researching ALOT. So what i wanna do is when i get my weed ill put it in a ziploc bag (maybe 2) then in a deodorant thingy that is new or like used a bit. It seemed like a pretty good idea because the deodorant i use has a really strong smell so if i buy like the same brand and another scent my mom would just think it sucks and not that its weed or anything.If i start getting more Ill get more deodorant and if i get like ALOT ill get a mason jar that ill try hiding in my closet , ill figure it out :).
    I probably wont get weed home a lot but i am this weekend so i just wanna be on the safe side here.
    I am also going to be getting a bowl (because i heard blunts have nicotine because they are tobacco leaves or something and because i like a bowl better) this friday and yeah.
    Please gimme some opinions GrassCity and THANKS!

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    I dunno how helpful it will be to you but one tip that some people do when smuggling drugs internationally is you double bag it in waterproof baggies and then get a bowl of warm water + baking soda, put the baggie in the water and then bag it up in another waterproof/smellproof one underwater.
    seems like a stretch though if you're just hiding it from your folks and not interpol lol
    just get mason jar and drench it with deoderant or something. put it in a backpack if you can.
    edit: it's called baking soda, my mistake
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  3. Buy some weed scented incense and blame it on that. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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  4. On a serious note, the double zip lock baggies is fine. Just release the air before you completely zip lock it. And don't keep it by any ventsSent from my DROID RAZR using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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  5. use an empty peanut butter jar. its odorless when its in it. if your really nervous, get a full peanut butter jar and put the bag down in the peanut butter. always worked for me
  6. I would but im arab , my parents would never think id actually buy a jar of peanut butter PLUS its gonna be obvious there is something in there haha. But good idea if imma hide it , the thing is im still looking for a hiding place TY tho.
  7. Hey dude, if youre new to smoking... I can stress enough the fact to do everything good since the start.
    I let my parents know about my weed use and know they always are bothering me with that, Ive should never told them anything or let them find me smoking.
    If you want to store weed, the best options are a glass container, aluminium foil or just tupperware. Ziplocks are good, but I have definetly improved some of my weed quality by storing it for a few days in a glass jar. On the other side, I think air tight containers are better than ziplocks to retain the smell.
    In my case, I hide my container inside a guitar amp. Where are you planning to hide your weed and how much quantity will you get?
  8. Just keep it simple and get a jar.
  9. I have a pretty big air tight plastic box that i keep all my stuff in. Found it in the pantry full of cereal. The lid has a big button that releases the air tight lock.
    OXO food storage or something. Works to hold all my stuff and contains the smell. And the one i have fits perfectly in the corner behind my bed. If you can get a hold of one of these its a great option in my opinion.
    I don't know about hiding it though. My parents don't really dig around in my room so it just sits behind the bed.
  10. Nah. Get a glass jar with a good seal man (most head shops have decent ones with rubber seals. I've used these; no smell). You'll be able to smell it in zip locks if it's good shit, sometimes even if it's not. Unless your mom is an idiot, she isn't going to believe your deodorant smells like weed LOL.
    As for a bowl. Yeah get a small pipe. Glass would be my recommendation. But you can probably get a decent small glass pipe for under $20. If all else fails and you have to order online and wait for it to show up (no local head shop), go with joints over blunts. Yes blunts contain nicotine,  and tobacco is really bad for your lungs. Plus, you need to use a pretty decent amount of weed for a decent blunt. In my opinion, blunts are for more than one toker, or someone with a really high tolerance. You can get papers at pretty much any gas station. You don't even need to know how to roll, google the dollar bill tricks.
  11. Cut a small hole in the underside of your box spring.
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  12. I was thinking of this but i wanted to get a smaller one like a mini one kinda cuz i wont get alot maybe like 5g max each time.
  13. Im trying to find a small glass jar that ill hide in my closet between like all the winter or summer clothes that i have on the top shelf thingy (depending on the season) And i don't like paper at all , like ok my first time was a homemade bowl and my second was a blunt , i got high with the blunt because u obviously don't get high the first time ( i think) but paper is just too annoying if i'm like with a couple of people. I think the only reason we did 2 blunts that day was because we were like 5 so i guess if we are over 3 we should do that.
  14. put it in a ceiling panel if you have one in your house, been raided twice never got found
  15. [quote name="Bluntz4dayz" post="19437390" timestamp="1391121045"]put it in a ceiling panel if you have one in your house, been raided twice never got found[/quote]I find it hard to believe you got raided twiceSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  16. If you buy more at a time it's generally cheaper, but either way you will probably want room to hold a pipe, grinder, etc. If you leave all that stuff laying around it will give your room a nasty old weed and ash smell. Think about what your going to do with whatever smoking tools you might want too.
    It probably wouldn't be hard to find an empty pill bottle, or something airtight in the kitchen.
  17. Put your weed in a jar or in ziplocks and find a good spot to hide it. If you have some boxes or some old shit in your closet that may work. I have a poker case and only I have the key so I'll start putting my stuff in there. Also if you're starting to smoke your parents won't suspect for a while, so try to keep it really secret and you'll have no problem.
  18. Just buy a mason jar man...or a Tight-Vac...put it in a bag or two and in the jar, seal it and no smell is coming out of it...I lived at my parents house for years and would have full ounces of dank in jars with no smell.
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    simply put your weed by itself in a mason jar or pill bottle. no smell escapes and keeps the bud not tasting weird. even if its a small amount just use a pill bottle.
  20. Im really thinking of doing the pill bottle thing b
    Im really wanting to do the pill bottle but im really not convinced that no smell will escape. But i guess ill try doing it , as I said im a newb im trying to get my friends to hook me up with a chill dealer and shit and im still waiting to get my bowl on monday.

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