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  1. when do i know its time to veg? can i leave plants in 24 hour grow stage too long? what is a mother plant? are all dwarf plants female? i thinks thats it for now. lol thx
  2. Time to veg when the plant pops through the soil.
    You can leave the lights on 24 hours throughout veg. 18/6 is recommended.
    A plant you take clones from.
  3. I presume you are referring to 'time to flower'? You can theoretically begin the flowering
    process at any stage in the veg period, however it's best to do so when the plant has reached
    sexual maturity. This is when the plant shows pre-flowers, and you will see that your nodes
    (the branches that grow between the big leaves and the main stem) are growing new nodes
    in an alternating fashion, unlike the usual side-by-side growth exhibited in a younger plant.

    No, you can veg a plant indefinitely, and to create a "mother" this is effectively what you do.
    You keep it in veg forever, and harvest clones from it whenever you need them.

    I don't know what dwarf plants are. Maybe you mean lowriders? If you by femmed seeds
    then they will be females. Clones are always female if you harvest from a female mother

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  4. Definitely ment flowering lol sorry. k but say if i had a plant that was month old and started 3 freash seeds and put them in same grow room would they all be ok is is this bad idea? yea same thing as lowriders lol. have you ever seen plant with two main tops?

  5. Well yeah it'd work out but you'd have a plant that was much more developed than the
    other three, so that might cause you some problems. Just be sure to grow your three
    younger plants to maturity, and consider LST'ing the huge 1st plant. Make sure all go
    to flower at the same time.

    I actually did a similar thing two grows back, it sucked, and I won't make that mistake
    again. I don't recommend you do that.

    Yeah a plant with two main colas is called "topped", you can top twice as well, check into
    the sticky thread "Fimming and Topping Made Easy" -- required reading.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  6. lil late but will see how it works out and yes i am doin lst and kinda scrog technique. no a plant with two main stem from seed?
  7. No, I've never seen two main stems from a single seed, thats impressive. Any pics? You
    sure you didn't plant two seeds together?

    SCRoG is awesome, I have also used that, it's great!

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  8. IMG00222-20090516-2001.jpg




  9. Impressive! I wonder if some kind of very early topping could make that happen. Did
    the seed get mishandled at all? Any chance that the top could have been cut or damaged
    in any way? How long did it take to germinate?

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  10. thats 20 day difference from first pic to last its in the left bucket in the last pic.
  11. it did get moved from closet to grow room.. it got kinda hot in closet the only thing i could think of is heat stress or just stress period! lol. so do you think it will be ok to let them all veg then flower at same time?
  12. Yeah it'll be fine. Just let them 3 young ones grow up before you start flowering.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  13. thx will do!
  14. 2 stems from 1 seed usually is a "twin" -- yes it can happen to MJ too.
  15. k so if i take clone from plant will it also be a twin or this doesnt happen every generation? thx

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