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  1. I want to thank everyone on the forum for all the very useful information that has helped me have a semi-successful grow outdoors, with an auto. I am close to harvest and am having trouble judging the tricomes. As I said, I have followed the advice here, to include not posting pics from an iPhone (so I have no photos but my question is not actually the usual....."is my plant ready).
    From what I am seeing I have some cloudy tricomes and certainly some clear. The pistols are brown but not totally receded. It is a Northern Lights auto (Sensi Seeds). After drying and curing I will probably have a half ounce.
    It has been over thirty five years since I've smoked and I understand the strains now are far more potent. I am thinking about cutting it now and trying it. I realize the indica will induce the lazy "couchlock" , but I am looking for a more active high if possible.
    So the question is, would it be ok to cut with only say 20 percent cloudy and break into this slowly after all these years?
    Hope this makes sense!!
  2. I wouldn't. Would be a big waste. From the sounds of it you've got a few weeks left. Wait til you see no clear before considering anything. And look at the trichomes on the calyxes obviously, not the sugar leaves. At the very least I'd wait til you have 5% amber 95% cloudy.
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  3. That makes sense. I'm just a little apprehensive about it being so strong now. I just really don't want to waste the time on growing something that just gives me a headache. Some of the homegrown stuff we smoked in the 70s could really give you a migraine. Thanks
  4. So I guess my grow was ready. I cut a small bud at the bottom of the plant, chopped it up, and dried it in tin foil over a hundred watt light bulb. Maybe it was because I am basically a first timer, I don't know, but, wow.. I got stoned as hell. After over an hour of extreme paranoia, I had an hour of what felt like a narcotic effect. After that I really enjoyed it. The paranoia was not good though.
    So I have one more question (that probably fits best into another category). Will that paranoia go away after I've smoked a few times? It sucked, and I don't remember it being so extreme when I was young.
  5. Yes it gets much better with a higher tolerance.
    If you give it more time you'll have more CBD, which helps with the paranoia effects of THC.
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  6. Done deal. Definitely gonna give a few more weeks. After a couple hours, I really enjoyed myself! I have felt way better than I have in a long time (even since the high wore off). I wish my state would legalize. Thanks for the info.

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