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NEWB PLEASE HELPPPP dj short's blueberry

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by booberry91, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. i just moved to a new location and found a dealer who seems pretty decent and i've bought from him before. no real complaints. he offered to sell me an eighth of dj short's blueberry for 40. is this a good deal or am i being ripped?

  2. names are nothing unless its a grower or dispensary. Just make sure it looks Dank and enjoy
  3. what should i look for?
  4. If it's dank, $40 an 1/8th is pretty good, so the name doesn't really mean a lot.
  5. Like the others said, ignore the name. If it looks good then definitely take the 8th for $40.00
  6. Nobody can tell you what to look for because you'll be just as confused about it as you are now

    Buy it smoke it learn from it

    Eventually you'll be able to tell what's good, look at some pictures
  7. names are just names most of the time. If its dank or some fire, $40 sounds pretty good. Make sure you look over nugs, check how dense they are (fluffy or rock hard). See how well they break up, could make all the difference. Sounds good other then that.

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