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    Hello fellow GCers,

    So this is my first grow ( bag seed ):




    The 4 plants are sitting under ( 3" from bulb ) 125W 6500k CFL
    Seeds (9) were placed in a germination station(with heated pad) on April 21st. Out of all 9, 6 sprouted and out of those 6 I picked what appeared to be the healiest 4, and placed them in little coffee cups ( 16oz). It's been exactly a week since I moved them to cups, and I had a few questions/concerns.

    But first let me give you some info:

    Soil is organic soil that was purchased in bulk ( used for backyard garden ) it contains 50% black premium soil / 50% mushroom soil. pH meter reads a 7.0-7.1 from drained water.
    The strain is unknown it is bagseed
    The plants are roughly 5-6 days since they broke ground
    Currently they only have 1 125W light on them, but 3 additional 26W bulbs currently rigging for them
    The plants are about 3-4" away from the bulb
    Tap water is used to feed them ( currently reads pH 7.4 )
    Have not been fed any NPK yet.
    Current humidity unknown since I do not own any meters, but temp is 79-81 ( varries ) this should drop atleast 4-5 degrees once I hook up the vent system.
    Currently the pot size is 16 oz
    Any bugs? Look real close.
    And no sign of bugs.

    My questions and concerns are:

    1.Out of the 4 plants 2 show almost no growth, and appear to be dry ( see photo ) Should I toss them out? or is there hope?
    2.I want to transplant them into 3 gallon containers, when is a good time to do so?
    3.I plan on using LST, how long should I wait?

    P.S. Any tips you can give a 1st timer would be much appreciated.
  2. you are having ph issue 6.5 is where the soil and water should be
    fix this and fix the problem
  3. Good catch brosky...

  4. I mixed some lemon juice with tap water, which brought the run off to exactly 6.5 ( lemon juice is safe to use right? )

    I was thinking to transplanting it to a hempy bucket ( due to ease of ph managment etc )
  5. Its ok for a quick fix, but dont make a habit of it.

  6. I have never used them.
    But I know the ones that do, rave about em.

  7. Well it's been 9 days, and here they are now :

    Seems to be curling down should I be worried? ( watered twice a week pH 5.8-6.0 )


    Too green should I be worried?

  8. They are comin along nicely, but u
    must get the Ph under control.
    Aim for 6.5 at runoff. U know what
    to do now.

    Once that is done, they will stop
    being hunched over and sad looking.
    They will spread their limbs out and
    be full of life.

  9. I'm using a Hempy now thats 100% pearl lite shouldn't i aim for 5.8?
  10. Usually 5.6 - 5.8.
    I guess youll have to tinker with it a bit.

  11. i think im having the very same problem with mine they're young and got very crispy after i watered and removed the humidity bag, it happened in a matter of 2 hours.

    So i quick fixed it too by picking up some ph testers and also adding lemon juice. i needed to know if i need pH up or down. i was them bottled water around 7pH.

    im hoping that was the problem, maybe the shock from removing the bag or too close too lights i have no idea. so im hoping it was the pH. i didnt realize it could make that sudden of an impact on them

    oh and ill be keeping up with this with sodium :wave:

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