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  1. So I germinated my seeds and put them into miraclegro Potting Mix instead of soil and my taproot hasn't sprouted yet...way should I do?
  2. Well - leave them where they are and dont fert with anything at all - just use water.
    Dont mess with trying to move or look at them now - if you harm the new root its all over.

    Good luck and transplant them when they have an established root system in about a month.
  3. do u really think that will work?
    everyone is telling me its not gonna sprout/....
  4. well only one way to find out, just let it sit there, cantharis if im not mistaken had a seed sprout 20 something days after he germinated and planted. so just start up another plant if your not satisfied or just see what happens. or heck who knows do both! :D
  5. Chances are you will kill it with too many nutrients and fertilizers in the soil. I always wait until I have a sprout and then put it in a miracle grow mix that is greatly diluted with regular cheap soil. It may grow, but it will most likely have problems along the way. Start germinating another one just in case. It may be too much stress for that plant to take.
  6. i forgot i was germinating these seeds and they over germinated i guess lol...they grew out of thier seeds

    And This Is How they have turned out so Far

    They have a hint of yellow...i guess ill justhave to wait and see what happens
  7. You really need to get more soil in those cups, its stretching pretty bad. Get the lights closer, if your using cfls thats an inch to 2 inches. Also get a fan and get a light breeze on them, this will help strengthen the stems. Once they get bigger increase the speed of the fan.
  8. Let there be LIGHT !!!!
  9. so any other advice?
    im growin them outside...
    should i put them out n the light now?
    start watering them?
    add more soil?
  10. Add more soil and water only as needed. For young sprouts keep the soil kinda damp, but not soggy. As soon as they sprout you can put them under lights.
  11. Add more soil around those skinny stems and you need more light like cantharis said.

    Good luck and good growing. :D
  12. They're ready to go outside at any time. Remember, nature starts them from seed. :)
  13. Iam probably using the exact soil you are and mine seem fine so far but I did start them in a peet moss sprouting medium then plunked them into the soil. You should probably use normal sterile soil if you are going to move them outdoors. You can use soil from your lawn if you bake it in the oven for a while (this will stink iam told). You could just throw them in the ground as soon as the seeds break you are doing it outside and I assume you are using bag seed so theres no risk in putting them all in the ground just cull the ones that dont look right. You may need to water them if you do grow them from seed outdoors.

  14. I say at least a pound off this baby. By the way, are you using MG potting mix w/ time release nutes? lol
  15. BAHAHAHA are you the weed whisperer? did it tell you it was going to bud a pound? :p im sorry but the only way your going to get the much is if you scrog or sog, learn before you post invalid info. 1 pound = 16 ounces, 16 ounces = 457.14285714285717 grams. and normally when you see the seeds online and it says SEA of GREEN/m2 it means more than one plant. you can go search that because i dont feel like explaining that part.
  16. Yep time release but Iam only using it on my mother plant which I take clones from. Then grow the clones to mature flowering plants this way I can skip the whole seedling stage and jump a few weeks into the plants life cycle. eventually I may have to replace my mother plant with a clone but Iam sure I can get a few harvests before this happens. Iam using it in the hopes that it will make my mother plant more resilient.

  17. it was wow..just wow. I wonder why they give some people access to a computer

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