newb here need your advice asap.

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  1. hi guys im new here
    my friend gave me a few seeds lately (unknown strain) so i decided to grow them ...
    i start grow them in coco cubes and when they become 10 cm tall i transfer them to the hydroponic system i build...

    more info about the system i build:
    * It's a 75x45x45 plastic container with a custom dripping system for 6 plants

    * I use water and air pump - 15 min in an hour (is that enough)

    * 250w mh bulb 14 hours a day- 70cm from the plant

    *The plants were grown in coco cube untill they got to about 10-12 cm than transfer into the hydro system to 7 litter pots filled with Tuff (lava rocks) and perelite mix

    *Tempature on the plants is 25-27.5 degree Celsius with a fan.

    *I just add lately bio bizz- bio grow to the water- less than it say on the bottle cuz the plants are about 10-14 days old

    i have 2 problems:
    1) some of the leaves started to curl and "twist" it look weird and i have no idea why :confused: (heat?)

    2) i notice small holes on the leaves but i see no bugs on the plants so i don't know how to treat it

    Please help me...
    any advices, about how to make my system better, or making the plant healthier will be blessed.

    im adding some photos hope the pictures are clear enough:

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  2. Looking stretchy, try moving your light down some. I have never seen two sets of single spikes before/.... usually 1,3,5,7,9 ... sometimes see 1,3,3, and so on but damn... Also, the holes are probably from water sitting on the leaves and getting magnified by the light.... idk
  3. I thought about takin the light lower but it will get too hot even with the fans... What is the optimum temperature? It's around 26 now when it's 70 cm away from the plants.. Any suggestions?
  4. shit, mine stay at 81/82 F and see no heat issues
  5. How far do you suggest a 250w mh to be from my plants (6plants)
  6. Also on the 7th picture you can see 4 "spikes" starting to come out what are those?
  7. No clue dude.. Im still trying to figure out the height of 2 70 watt hps... have them 10 in. and still think their too low.
    No clue what youre talking about, but by soikes I mean leaves.. you know the first round leaves (cant remember the name) then you get a set of single "spiked" or true leaves... then 3,5,7,9, so on... but I have seen 4's,and 6's and stuff... I think i actually have a few.. but I havent seen more than a singe set of "spikes"... im guessing its the light
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    Lol I don't mean the. Leaves I mean those small things that come out of the steam above the first leaf (4 small " hairs") in pic 7
  9. Normal, forget what their called but thats what youll see at every node (stem meeting leaf) Thats where you will see your branches pop out... then when you sex them (switch to 12/12) thats where you will see your bud or pollen sacs
  10. Ok got it.. At what age you switch to 12/12? Right now they have 14h light is that's enogth?
  11. I think they are called stipules
  12. So here are a few questions...

    Are 14 hours of lights are enough at this point? (3 weeks old)

    When exectly you switch to 12/12 light cyrcle?

    Can I start to flower sooner?

    About my system: light is enogh? 15 min of water is enogh ?

    Tnx guys

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