Newb help please !

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MrDizzla, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    This is my first post on Grasscity so bear with me lol !

    Im currently in the process of starting to setup my first ever grow, and have some questions that need answering. The Following is going to be my setup;

    Grow Tent (Secret Jardin)
    1x 250w CFL with Sunmate Reflector
    4x Plant Pots To Be Filled With Bio Bizz Grow Medium
    4x KiwiSeeds - Milkyway

    My Questions are as follows;
    1) Do i really require to have a Extractor Fan with Carbon Filter for such a small grow? If Not how else could I mask the smell?
    2) Will that be enough to have 3-4OZ of dried product once harvested?
    3) If Milkway is not a High Yeilder then which Seed should I use that is not going to Stink my house out?!

    The reason I am going to use the following setup is I reside in the UK, so looking to keep my heat loss from the house as low as possible for obvious reasons :( !

    Any help and answers will be much appreciated.

    Thanks everyone !
  2. As I said peeps any answers will be much appreciated ?!!
  3. High there dude you will need some form of odor control for sure, the girls will really stink when they are flowering. There are some guides around here if you search to make your own. I use a secret jardin tent and a carbon filter with no smell at all until I unzip the tent, then it reeks.

    You should get 3-4oz no problem as long as you keep reading and learning.

    I have never heard of milkyway but there are so many strains out there now, good luck
  4. Thanks Usual_Suspect,

    As with all people i'm trying to grow the cheapest posible way lol !!

    Im thinking of getting a RVK Extractor fan, just hope its not too loud !

    Oh the Kiwi Seeds - Milkway looks lovely, creamy in colour and supposedly a high yeilder :)

    Is the 250w CFL lamp going to be enough power for 4x Plants? This forum keeps saying my yeild will be significantly affected.

    Also if I was to get a Purple spectrum lamp instead of one Blue bulb and one red, would that affect the grow at all?

    Thanks :smoke:

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