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    I am thinking of buying a pre-fabricated 20" x 36" x 64" HTC closet tent system with 4-6400k grow T5 HO lamps and a 90 watt LED UFO grow lamp. Is anyone familiar with this set up and would you recommend it? I am thinking of getting some feminized seeds and getting started for under $850. Which seeds would be good for this indoor set up taking into consideration I live in a condo so I would like to keep smell to a minimum. I've never done this before so I really don't feel comfortable buying/setting up lamps, ballasts, etc. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. You will be disappointed by the yield with that UFO. Im using a very expensive LED panel and there is no competition with the HPS. You really should go with an HPS. As for you seed choice, is plant size an issue? would you rather smoke an indica or a sativa?
  3. HPS light is easy theres nothing to it. Screw in bulb, connect cord to ballast. Plug ballast to power strip..what is there to be uncomfortable about? They sell them as a kit.

    You hang the HPS light from the top of your grow will have bars for it. Usually they come with Yo Yo adapters so you can lower raise it..or you can use chains.

    I live in a one bedroom apartment and my grow tent is in the bathroom..have a big bathroom.

    LEDs are a mixed bag do a search on here and read the opinions. Some good some terrible. HPS Lamps are tried, true, and cheap.

    As far as you never doing it...this year is my first year ever growing mj. Grew lots of other things but first for MJ so it was all new to me. If you read enough youll have 80% of what you need to know down. Other 20% will come when you do it.

    Heres some links. I use the one that is on amazon.

    [ame=] LED Wholesalers GYO2009 3-Piece 400 Watt Hydroponic 6-Inch Cool Tube Grow Light Set: Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]

    Digital Grow Lights
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    Easy strain would be a autoflowering fem seed. I am currently growing those as my 2nd grow. Just leave the lights on 20/4 or 24/0 from start to finish.

    As far as smell well only have experience with my current grow but some friends been growing for years and no matter what it smells. As it gets older and near harvest time it smells and smells alot. You have to have a proper odor control plan. The main reason I think its so smelly is that its just not a smell people are used to so just a little you immediately notice it.

    I have a carbon filter that sucks air out of the tent, a ONA gel block outside (ONA is highly recommended destroys odors doesn't mask it), then I have a ONA DIY bucket outside the grow tent, towels shoved on both sides of my bathroom door (got 2 doors so one I keep locked where the tent is next to). Then I have a humidifier in my living room near my front door that has a mix of water and ONA. Glade plug ins do not cut it and they have sucked at doing anything since they came out lol.
  5. Awesome, thanks for the help. I'm going to skip the UFO and go with the HPS. I was a little worried about getting the right seeds as well so I am also going to use an auto fem seed. I researched a few different banks today from references on this site. This site is great for beginners like me. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks for the seed bank help. Odor is a concern for sure. I'm planning on trying all different types of strains. I'm a little concerned about getting seeds shipped to the states though.

  7. Auto fem seeds will make it easy for you. Follow the steps to germinate and when you plant it just keep it fed watered and lights on and in a short while youll have some good bud.
  8. Order from Attitude Seeds. They have stealth shipping, and for a fee, guaranteed delivery. Nirvana has always been good to me, but no guarantee. Still, never missed an order.

  9. Your billing statement will say Attitude Gifts. Your shipment takes about 10 days or so to get to you. Mine always says Gifts 8 gig of ram on the customs Never had a problem.

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