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nEWB GROWER basic questions

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by rollthesweet, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. hey guys im new to this site but ive been reading differnt post for months
    well ima get to the point has any1 herd of i was planning on perchasing the lst flower box from there and i want ed to know if it was woth they bankroll?
    i wanted to grow 2-3 lowryder plants in it (yes/no) also it would be cool if the items they include for odours worked ? all IMPUT IS APPRICATED

  2. for 350?

    make your own. and the smell is probably just ona gel and that costs 10 bucks. but you will have to change it every so often. it will dry up.

    and eight light bulbs? there cheap too.

    but i don't know my grow is under hid lighting and i couldn't fit one plant in

    three will be tight.

    just buy an old computer tower and it shouldn't be hard to copy.

  3. yupp, theyre just a waste of money. you could build the same thing for like $100-150. get an oldd pc tower, theyre usually bigger. and those 8 bulbs are just clamp lamps with socket splitters. a whoping $6 a lamp and $3 a splitter. and that ona gel. and it saying theres "zero heat signature" is a merketing gimmic. cfl's dont put off enough heat to have a heat signature. (they will burn your plant if they touch them). do just what the person above me said and you can save a lot of money. enough to even buy like a 70-75 watt HPS for flowering. just make sure when you buy the pc tower that the fan works or that you can buy a cheap replacement.
  4. Hhnx 4da help

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