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  1. well i wanna thank everyone for their advice and feedback in advance, been reading as much as possible, and still have some questions.. any how. i'm growin just some generic mid's unless i get lucky and their were some crazy see'ds amongst the 11 i started. only question i have about my plants is the stems are all like a redish shade, except one, which is green? i'm confused about that, should i be worried. they all appear healthy, i'll post photo's later. their not really cannoeing or nething and the leaves are a good shade of green, they've been in soil for about 4 days now. 18/6 on fluro's, about 60 watts total, and around 3600 lumens.. any other thing i was worried about was the stem strength, they seem kinda weak, although it is their first week, but how can work on strengthening them, i've read about bending them, so i've tried that, nothing extreme just what was suggested.. i was going to set up a small fan, but my space is limited, this is an indoor and about as stealth as possible grow. also since i'm using fluro's for now, i plan on an hps system within the next 2 weeks, but i'm worried about keeping the temp in the 80's and using a fan.. oh well i just want the best for my little guys, photo's up later. thanks. :smoke::smoke:
  2. Some are red when they sprout some are green. theres nothing to worry about.:) also get a small computer fan to blow on them if you dont have room and dont bend them it wont help ..and you might snap it,
  3. bending your plants or brushing them back and forth will do the same to strengthen stems as a fan.
  4. [​IMG]

    i put them outside when the afternoons are warm enuff and real sunny, i figure the sun's better for them than the flor's i have.. they then come back inside in the evening when the sun drops off and are put back on the flor's.. i noticed a couple seem to be stretching, so i'll try to put the lights closer, although i thought you were supposed to keep them 3 inches away.. correct me if i'm wrong. but thems' my lil guys. :hello:

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