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  1. Sup all, so I'm a first time grower started with a small grow box about 16"x16"x48" and one AK47 plant that's 1 week and a few days old. It was originally under what I was told was too much light for a seedling (hence why I started with one plant), it had two 42w 6500k and 2 23w one 6500k & one 3100k that were 1" above which made the leaves really droopy. After some advice from here a day ago i moved my baby girl under 2 x23w 6500k and is about 4" away and she is starting to show slight signs of improvement. My question is when will I be able to put all the lights back in and. Possible even increase them, without hurting her again??
  2. I wouldn't think you could get to much light, as long as they are high enough away
  3. Hmm weird, it definitely wasn't a heat issue as temps were between 75-80, I have to 120mm exhaust fans and a small desk/USB fan to move the air. From all that I read before starting I thought that Cfls could get as close as possible as long as heat wasn't an issue but I've been told differently. I've attached a few pics, let me know if you guys believe it's due to too much light. Watering is ever few days or when top 2" are dry, so I don't believe it's over watering.



  4. looks like under or over watering... if your saying its super dry, maybe it is...

    or if its really saturated it could just be water logged...

    maybe dry the plant out a little more just to see... but make sure to keep a really close eye... too dry and its dead
  5. So just wanted to let you know that it's wasn't due to over or underwatering as I hasn't changes my watering routine all that changed was the amount of light and the distance away she is now about 3-4" and my girl has perked up and grow well, but still remaining nice and squat with no signs of lanky stretch. I will post some pictures tonight

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