Newb at growing, but I got them to sprout at least. Need a little help...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by llockhart86, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Alright so i took some bag seeds from some decent mids I got and I through them in a pot after germinating them in a washrag and they sprouted. I bought some gardening soil and a 150 watt flouro that i got over them 24/0. this is the first day they have sprouted, and there are 4 total. I was just going to grow these under the 150 watt flouro untill time for flowering, but I dont know when I can flower them. From what Ive gathered its after sexing them, but ive heard about forcing a plant to flower, and I was wondering if I could force these to flower after 2 weeks. I dont want to grow a magnificent plant this first time, cuz I was kinda just messin around and then they grew, i really didnt intend to care for these plants. however, i want this to be my practice run and then but some white widow seeds. Some questions, can I have these plants under the 150 w flouro for two weeks to a month and then force the flowering by switching from a 24/0 (or should I have it on a 18/6 during veg?) to 12/12? And when I flower the plants, can I get another 150 w flouro and grow a good yeilding and potent plant? More importantly, running only one 150w during veg for white widow, and 300 w total for flowering, I know its not the best, but I just want a good stone for personal use. at first anyway:smoke: any help would be really appreciated. oh, and ive been searching around and cant really get a good answer on this. What type of soil should I be using, like exactly, cuz I dont really get it and ive been trying to. and what type of fertalizers should i be giving the plants. i know about the ph level, but I dont know how to control it. Basically, im trying to grow the best buds i can without spending to much money. like, a total investment of 75 bucks to start and then upgrading to hps bulbs and the sog method for a whole room. again, i just want to get the growing process down before i go and attempt the sog method in january when i move to cali. :cool:
  2. Alright heres some pics of what i got going so far, so I decided to just take extra good care of one plant from the bagseed and just see if I can get this baby to flower later on.

    This is the flouro im using, its a 150w. I plan on getting another for the flowering stage.

    This is the soil im using because when I went to home depot, I couldnt remember what type of soil I was supposed to get exactly. and I still want to know if I should get a better soil, or if I should just get some fertalizer for it now.


    I know the pic is terrible, but this is she. 2 days of life in her already. ha. I plan on putting her in a plastic storage bin in my closet with tin foil wrapped all around it for the light, and having the light hang straight down in the middle with a big piece of cardboard above the light wrapped in tinfoil so the light will get reflected down. Then for flowering im going to put another 150w flouro in there. sound good?
  3. any help at all?
  4. lower the light thats stretching, and the flowering after two weeks , thats probaly not going to yeild alot or any im not sure , and you should do 18/6 imo because then the plant has time to rest
  5. are you using a desklamp?? if so 86that and make your own cfl fixture. hardware store sells little lightbulb adapters that plug into the wall. You can also make a reflector out of a soda can. Dont use tin foil unless you like your pot extra crispy, use mylar or white paint. and hes rite put that cfl like 1inch away from the sprouts becuase that thing is stretching bad. hope this helps peace.

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