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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bluublood, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. I'm very interested in smoking, but don't no where to find it. So I decided to just use the legal version. :smoke:

    What is the best bong, lighter, and ash tray on a budget?
  2. Don't use the legal version. If anything, try getting bud no matter what it takes.

  3. I will start asking around, but for now I need to use the legal version. :rolleyes:
  4. Dont do it!! You fall into a mystic black underground world with no eternity..

    na but foreal...dont do it get some real bud
  5. What's the best equipment, though?
  6. Depends on your price range. For starters you cant go wrong with a nice 25 dollar glass pipe.

  7. Dont trip none of that till you get some green. Then just run to the store and get paps and a bic for $3. That or go get a apple. Then start thinking on a bong after youve smoked for a while.
  8. legal version?

    dont tell me that stuff actually works..

    theres just no way..

  9. It most likely doesn't, but whatever.

    What equipment in the Grasscity shop specifically?
  10. don't waste your money on the legal stuff, it's just a product made to steal your money pretty much, and it ends up just giving you a head ache and a really shitty buzz, don't do it. it's nothing compared to smoking good herb.

    i would just get a basic pipe or small glass/acrylic bong. nothing too serious, go to your local shop and ask for something in your budget they'll help you out.

    don't cheap out on a grinder though, i used a plastic one for a while and when i switched to a legit high grade aluminium one i was blown away! you can get a smaller one for around 25 bucks. larger ones can cost around 50.

    as for a lighter and ash tray.. who the fuck cares lol. anything that will light your bud and hold your ash will work.
  11. #11 LittleToker, Aug 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 6, 2011
    Actually the legal shit works. It's just a bit different and some of it can be deadly

    Seriously just get the real deal. You're welcome

    A pipe will do, but if you want a bong it's a WATER PIPE unless you want to get kicked out of the shop. Ash trays are pointless as are grinders when you're just starting. A book of matches or a bic will do.

    Make sure you get a heady-ass ashtray.
  13. To be honest, I just want to know about the equipment.
  14. You can't have a best ashtray or lighter to be honest...

    I mean, what's the 'best' lighter going to do that a bic wont?
  15. They pretty much just told you about some equipment to use. Read CAREFULLY
  16. To the person above that recomended matches. Don't please unless its a joint or blunt, the sulpher in the match head is bad for you... Bad
  17. Okay so go to that headshop around the corner from that restaurant you like.
    They have a purple and orange one on the bottom shelf, by the blue and black one. It's about $30. Then go to that Shell station near where you work, and look to the right of the register. There will be a green bic between a red bic and a blue bic. Get the green bic. Next, go to the thrift store you wondered about but never actually went to, and look around for about 45 minutes until you find an ashtray under an old fax machine that doesn't work and a cheap men's blazer. It won't have a price tag on it, and the store owner will have no idea what it costs, so you'll end up paying like only 3 or 4 dollars. It'll have a bear figurine on one side and on the other side it'll say ALASKA. Get that one.
    And you're set.

  18. What about from lol
  19. Yeah, I probably should've specified on that.

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