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  1. Just wanted to introduce myself. My names Matt and im from Mississauga, Ontario in Canada. I thought ide try something new and join this forum. Im a bit of a pothead:smoke: and love just almost anything to do with Cannabis. Especially glass "Art", as i like to say :bongin:

    I have/had many bongs bongs but this one above is my favorite. Her name is Sapphire. Picked up the main blue part from a local head shop called "Culture Rising" and it came with a small blue ash catcher, along with a plain down stem, a ice catcher, and a percolator. I then broke 2 ash catchers and then today i went to pick up a replacement. I picked up a clear pre-cooler and a new diffused down stem. This thing hits incredibly smoooooth :hippie: Overall on everything i should have spent a mint but luckily i have had some hookups! Anyways if anyone has any questions feel free to reply or send me a PM.


    (P.s. Sorry the bongs not clean and clear, i was to eager to hit it and to lazy to clean it today ;P )
    (P.s.s. And yes im aware that the image is turned, its because it gets morphed when turned :[ )
  2. im from mississauga too!
    represent brrooo

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