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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by hubitron, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. just kidding. name's johnathan, from wv. what up yall?
  2. Welcome to the City!
  3. Lol that was funny 18/m/md
  4. Your not from the morgantown area are you?
  5. thanks man. nope, logan county, but I live in huntington. how's everyone doin?
  6. i just wanna say that the pillsbury flaky biscuits in a can are the best.

  7. Is your avatar the dude from tim and erics awesome show and step brothers?
  8. Ya know, joking about your age here isn't tolerated at all. Changed your thread title.
  9. lmfao
    will got yaaaa ;) welcome to GC it happens to everyone that breaks the rules.I think hes the only one thats ever enforced them.

  10. yeah, it's john c. reily. aka dr.steve brule!
  11. aww. lighten up man.
  12. Welcome to gc
  13. thanks brah!

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