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Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by zongstock32, Oct 9, 2014.

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  3. I like it 👍

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  4. watchin trailer park boys eh? fuck off lahey

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  5. looks pretty nice! But do zongs have an advantage over regular bongs? I have just been wondering this lately since ive been shopping around for a bong of my own and have seen lots of both
  6. did you get it from Pipes Guru? Looks like their product  
  7. I'm pretty sure you get a larger volume chamber in a shorter height.
  8. Looks nice enjoy her man
  9. personally, i feel as though zongs aren't as carefully made as a straight tube, meaning they are more likely to break. those Z turns always just look too thin and ready to break with one wrong move...idk i think a straight tube will last longer for you than a zong, and you can get attachments on a straight tube that will make it cooler than a zong.

    all personal opinion though... 
  10. Looks real nice. Enjoy
    Zongs have no significant advantage over other bongs, unless you consider its aesthetics an advantage. Because Zongs' tubes are stretched out into a non-uniform shape, the 'zong' sections have thin, weak points, and lack the structural integrity of their straight-tube counterparts. IMO, you'd be better off getting a scientific bong with a perc that you could for the same price as a zong.
  12. I agree they look awesome but there fragile
  13. i am the liquor 
  14. Zongs are fun bongs.
  15. hell ya I got it from a local shop called glasshouse for 85

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    Roger disapproves

  17. $85 for a non glass on glass? Dude what were you thinking lol. Zongs were cool for like a few weeks when they first started popping up on youtube and such as the "bong that can't spill" but now that I'm more into glass than I was then, I'd get a straight tube any day of the week over this. 
    As long as you like it, that's what matters. But you could have gotten it for muuuuch cheaper if you looked around a bit more. Usually bongs with a completely round base are the cheaper style bongs. A beaker style or a straight tube are what's best for that price range you paid. 
  18. thanks man i know i could have ordered one online but i rather see what i bought and i like it enough to pay that price but im stoked on it 
  19. I feel you. I really prefer buying in person also, even if it means I pay more. BUT there are some realllly good deals are cheap headshops if you take the time to look. Ordering online feels sketchy sometimes because I like to hold and look at the piece up close before I buy it. 

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