New Zob

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  1. Picked it up at J Friendlys in Towson, MD.

    ice notches
    splash guard
    diffused downsteam
    8 tree perc
    rasta label


    I'd post a milk but the stock bowl sucks so I need to get a new one and i broke my iphone...
  2. nice pick up dude
  3. Really like the looks of this, rasta label is a nice touch. Glad you explained the milkshot situation, was just about to ask haha
  4. Nice tube, I hope it never meets the same fate as your phone!
  5. Thanks guys. Cost me $320 including tax.

    The downstem top was also chipped a little but i didnt see it so oh well. I want a new one anyway. My joint is 18mm and the stock downstem is 5" if anyone wants to suggest one.

  6. I couldn't point you to any one in particular but my buddy just bought a "honeycomb" downstem and it's pretty wicked.

    End looks like this:
  7. Get an Alex K showerhead!

    I have almost the EXACT same Zob. (mine is yellow/green label, only 14", everything else is the same)

    Replaced the stock zob diffused downstem with the Alex K and it hits like a dream!

    Also, I would recommend a b. wilson disc diffused slide. They rock.

    I would post a pic of mine but its pretty dirty right now :\
  8. I was actually thinking of both of these. Thanks man
  9. nice pick up zobs a soild brand. your water in your pic is way too high though but thats probably just cuz the ice melted
  10. I was going to note the exact same thing and then I thought of that exact same reason!
  11. that shop not too far from were I live, I'll check that place out soon
  12. great minds think alike i guess haha
  13. dude that zob is sick and i think for your new bowl piece you should get a nice 7 arm a/c
  14. My friend was just not thinking and filled it up so much. I fixed it before we christened her.
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    I feel bad for you man I got the same tube with no label on it n it ran me $90
  16. Congrats. I'm satisfied
  17. Nice pick up. Jfriendlys is the shit. Got my mini king from them a month ago.

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