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New Zob Wubbler 28 slit inline saxophone

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by CreekChubb, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Just picked this up from the local glass shop for a quick 350 spot. Pics Comin soon keeps crashing trying to upload from my phone

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  2. holy shit, 350 man? A sov stemline is cheaper.....

    hope you like it tho.
  3. nice piece but its a bit pricey....enjoy it
  4. Smoothest tube ive owned so far
  5. As others have mentioned, that's a tad pricey, however I'm sure she treats you nice. :cool:
  6. I dont know a lot of people seem to hate on prodo companys like zob and syn but i still think they're beautiful pieces. is that gridded? looks really nice and thick too! post a milk vid, i've always wanted a sax bong, maybe a tad overpriced i woulda paid 270 max but she's a beauty dude!
  7. Was 315 sticker but thet tax hard in stl
  8. Didn't know zob was gridding thier percs. Thats a step up for sure.
  9. That looks good. Enjoy it, taxes rape hardcore for sure.
  10. not hating, just saying it almosts crazy to pay 350 for that when you can pick a sov stemline up for 310

  11. wasnt towards you, general statement
  12. Ive had a left coast 18 inch straight tube with the showerhead downstem all the works and an LC scientific (which is left coasts finer line of glass) and this zob has zero drag and a hugeee chamber
  13. Congrats on your pickup. I have a zob bub that is insane and very thick. Enjoy that tube!
  14. Name is Syn, but riding sovereigntys nuts! Lmao
  15. Wow very nice
  16. I like it! Does it actually wubb? Drop! Wubb wubb wubb! Haha
  17. Of course it does but dubstep is wack as fuck
  18. Dubstep is not wack, you're wack!

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