New Zob Ashcatcher on Zob Inline

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  1. Nice match labels, that new A/C is sickk ... smoke happy :smoke:
  2. That combo looks great together. I've only hit one ZOB and I really liked it :)
  3. Nice setup. I know Zob is considered mid-end, but I always liked it, and in person I feel the quality is pretty nice. Are the tree's re-inforced though?

    Also did you break the joint on your slide?
  4. I've owned, and still own, many brands of glass, but I have yet to grab a ZoB. I almost bought one off an old roommate some time ago, but ended up not really having any use for it at the time. I dig some of their work, at least enough to pick one up. Hell, if I don't like it, I have quite a few people who wouldn't mind buying one off of me.

    Off to ALT...
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    Yes, they are. :D I purposely broke an old downstem because I use a 14mm honeycomb-style slide. It water locks to the ghetto "adapter" and comes out of the catcher when I pull it.

    I highly suggest it, and if you haven't already, check out their latest line with a ton of newer more "diverse" styles. :smoke:

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