New Zippo Lighter (happy birthday me!)

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    So, my birthday was monday, i got a hundred or so dollars from family members and what not, so i decided to buy a new Zippo a pack of cigs and a little more lighter fluid. i love using and collecting Zippos. pics below taken with the new camera. enjoy the zippo as well as the macros :D


    im goin on a birthday dinner with my aunt, just to spend some time and recieve her presents (havent collected from her yet, lol). My sister and law filled me in that shes givin me a brand new camera, after some heavy pleading for a clue. so after that ill post some pics of it, case and all.
  2. no love for the zippo? or my b-day at that?
  3. cool zippo. this is one i have:


    the flame changes between blue/green. i love it.

    oh and happy belated birthday :wave:
  4. right on, i needa get me a zippo torch, and thanks dude
  5. i love zippos, but they let to much gas out i feel, its like a love hate reationship, but none the less, cool zippo dude

    happy birthday bro
  6. Happy belated birthday. Funny thing, my birthday is today :).
  7. happy birthday man, mine is on friday
  8. happy birthday to the both of you
  9. mine was the 9th of this month haha.. woot woot september birthdays!! hahahahah!
  10. pictures now up
  11. Happy belated birthday to all! Also, that zippo looks amazing man :p

    Enjoy your new cam and whatever your aunt gives you!
  12. did the pics show up?
  13. Yeah, I can see them.

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