New Zealand's very own Hillary Clinton

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    This world is getting weirder by the day..

    Same old tune, different singer. No guts to even legalize medicinal cannabis.

    They got rid of that Jeremy Corbyn copy-cat known as Andrew Little.. and replaced him with a pretty girl. (Actually, no offense to Jeremy Corbyn .. Jeremy Corbyn at least had guts, and was honest.. but he was Weak. Andrew Little was just a loser with no balls WHATSOVER)

    Now the whole country is falling for it.

    I don't know what to say anymore. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.. ... nobody will listen to me until it's too late and all of those empty promises fall flat on their face and the conservatives will get re-elected. :(

  2. She's gonna win guys. At least .. the idea of having a Hot Chick as a leader is mildly entertaining .. but ..

    Man, I don't really give a fuck about cheaper college or more government jobs. Not hatin' on refugees, I don't mind refugees but to be honest, I'd rather swap the increased refugee quota for cannabis legalization. College is bullshit, anyway.. it doesn't guarantee a good job, the only thing that can guarantee a good life is the restless pursuit of your own goals through serious sacrifices and sleepless nights. Nobody's gonna roll no carpets for ya..

    I'd rather have free market-friendly policies .. like cheaper Alcohol licenses so that the average joe can open up his own pub here in town and cheer ourselves up from this bollocks.

    FUCK why does democracy have to be so shit. Fuck this shit. Don't vote, REBEL. Grow weed.. grow it all over the country.. piss them off.
  3. The thing is, though.. she increased the refugee quota. .but at the same time reduced immigration for people like, the filipinos who come over here to do construction work. In other words, you need to make a certain amount of money to earn the right to stay in this country.

    Considering how we're gonna need those filipinos to work in construction to fulfill labour's housing plan, I don't .. even know what to say anymore.
  4. Make new Zealand great again
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  5. Honestly, I'm finally starting to appreciate the value of shit-stirrers like Trump..

    At least Trump sets fire on the democrat's ASSES.. and forces them to stop sucking corporate dick.

    Probably the closest one to Trump we have is Winston Peters, but he's not even a Nigel Farage.. he's just a grumpy old native New Zealander with a distaste of immigrants, but no sense of humor or personality.
  6. haha yay!!! Starting to see through all the bullshit are we? I'm happy for you :) . You should do what you can to make people around you see this as well.
    Its so fucking crazy that for so long the liberals were the anti-establishment, rage against the machine, live free people. Now they are literally throwing fits and paying thugs to bring back the establishment. Its insane!
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  7. Right.

    This is probably the one rare scenario where I feel I might have to head to the polls and vote for National.. keep the conservatives in power for a third term.

    Votes don't really make THAT much of a difference, at least not for third-party candidates.. but if it's an election that is literally 50-50.. then that's the only scenario where one or two votes cast can tip the scales.
  8. heres the way I see it, as far as voting. Anyone can sit on here and just bitch. Keyboard warriors, we have a lot of them on here in this section lol. Voting, in my eyes, at least gives you something to back your opinon with. "I don't like x, so I did something about it". Not "bitching just to bitch". I don't know a ton about how your election system actually works, but I would counter and say that no vote it wasted. Thats your voice, or part of it. And you should use it, and use it how you see fit.

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