New Zealand White Skunk

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by NzGrower, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Hey there,
    Been a long time smoker, first time grower.

    A mate just got me some dank White Skunk bud with a few seeds.

    Has anyone grown White skunk outdoors? How big of yield?

    Also do you reckon it would be too late to start planting?

    Just growing this time for some seeds for the coming up months.
  2. haha sup bro im from nz to! yeah bit late to be starting to grow. still worth a go though. i planted two seeds about... 2 weeks ago and there a little bit slow but i think i might atleast get a 50bag out of it. you could give it a go
  3. Yeah thanks been checking up on your grow.
    Sucks how your parents found out.
    I know how you feel, I still crash at home.
    Yeah i might start a grow journal soon.
    See who yields better aye.:D
  4. Yeah bro i moved them down to the river a few nights ago and i might go check on them and put up some more pics aye. check it out in about a half hour.

    EDIT: and welcome to grass city :smoke:
  5. Yeah thanks man.
    Will get a few germed and see how it works out.
    Shit would be way better like this.
    Been a member with them and there all too bitches
    to show us some grow journals.
    Keep it up Lemon socks
  6. yeah ae they got no pictures just words :confused::confused::confused: but yeah my camera is really weird some days it will upload onto computer and some days it wont, and today is one of those days... maybe another day i will put some pics up.
  7. yeah shot man.
    il try get sum up this weekend.
    how far in the bush do you go to plant.
    Cause cant be fucked going way into the forest haha
  8. You god damn right they are!

    No one talks to you unless you are a hardout supporter for the legalisation. Of course we all are, but im not gonna dedicate my life to the legalisation of cannabis. Lol.

    But hey, cant complain. Finally made a hook up on there....:smoke:

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