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    Hey! First time grower here. I have 2 lovely girls growing outdoors they are Kaya Gold Strain. 
    Each is about 4 foot high and rather bushy, its the middle of summer for me and they are getting ALOT of light, atleast 14 hours a day but they are showing signs of pre flower all over, little white hairs combining together in the center. They have been showing this the past 3 or so weeks. They are getting a nice traditional smell.
    Im Curious will they continue to bud and finish even though they are getting so much light?
    I wish I could tell you how old they are but I was a bit silly and didnt really document anything. But I planted them several months ago last year, at an estimate they are atleast 6 months old.
    Feel free to ask questions if you need anymore information. 
    I will upload some pictures for you guys if I can find my damn cord. 

  2. The pictures do not really show justice of the current budding, but in person its very noticible. 
    Still here ya go!

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  3. Would appreciate any advice on estimates on how long to go if its possible to tell. ~ Patience is key but its been a loooooooong time.
  4. Hey man, looking good !
    Hard to tell from the pics, but looks like proper flowering is just starting , which is bang on time.
    Its still getting plenty of light but the hours are decreasing as we head towards autumn.
    Anyways keep sending in the pics, they will be fully ready most likely sometime through April :D
    Hit em up with a good flower fert/potash if you haven't done so they should take off.
    Good luck
  5. Plants look well. If you planted 6 months ago the plants are on time. I'm sure it seem like 6 months but it looks like you are about 2-3 weeks into flower. Give it a month or more. You will see such a difference from now. Feed it nutrients to help promote bud growth and development.

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