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  1. Hi guys

    Medium - Soil

    For my past few grows i have been using a nutrient not widely known out of New Zealand and Australia called Canadian Xpress

    Canadian Xpress Hydro Grow A & B - N.P.K 5.2/0.7/4
    Canadian Xpress Coco Bloom A & B - N.P.K 3.1/0.6/4.2

    But results haven't been great and i want to move on to a new product. Now being in New Zealand we don't have a lot of range like you guys would so i could really only find one other viable product called Growzilla / Budzilla another New Zealand brand.

    Growzilla - N.P.K 28.5.30
    Budzilla - N.P.K 20.5.30

    Not being able to find much out about them besides the NPK ratio i wanted to ask what you guy though about the numbers. I know you have probably never heard of these but knowing which has a better NPK ratio will be a start.

    Thanks guys

  2. I would be hesitant to use no-name/unknown nutrients..... Why not just order a tried-and-true brand online? Just a suggestion to avoid any disappointment/headacheas.
  3. Hi shiva thanks for the reply, They are known New Zealand brands there is just little info on them. Most people i know import from Aus just out of convenience for them but i myself prefer to get a reliable nutrient brand close to home.
  4. Fair enough! Maybe if you started a thread dedicated to growers from New Zealand (im sure there are more than a few), I'm sure some fellow kiwis would have more info on nutrients that are available to you locally, and how to use them/results, etc. Good luck with your grow, sorry I couldnt be of more help :)
  5. Does Amazon ship out there? I know they sell advanced nutrients Micro, Bloom, And Grow and those have the best success for me.
  6. Thanks corn will have a look at advanced nutrients. I'm still keen on a close to home nutrient though will have to keep searching.

  7. Looked at Amazon but it would cost round $90 to send them here twice the price of the FF trio. Cant afford those types of cost on a regular basis its gonna have to be something i can buy locally. Has anyone been able to look at the NPK ratio of the growzilla/Budzilla would it be any good? Im sure the zilla range is made specially for it cant be 100% sure though.

    Thanks for any help appreciate it


    PS : Any Kiwis out there with some suggestions would be great.

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