New Yorkers?

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  1. Then you can get an oz of some decent, but pretty low grade bud for 120 an oz. alright for edibles, I never buy it though. Havnt in over a year, I used to make a lot of edibles with that bud, because its cheap and not too bad at all for regs, just not that high grade stuff haha

  2. Let me know cause I'm going to be here until January 26th. I'm definitely taking advantage of this area though, so much dank!
  3. how much in your area shaddy?

  4. Straight from webehigh as stated

    $20 = 1.5-1.8g Reggie / 1.0-1.2g Canadian Dro / 0.7-0.9g Exotics (Dank)

    1 oz. Reggie = $120

    1 oz. Canadian Dro = $200 – $260

    1 oz. Dank = $420 and UP

    1/2 Oz's = Split those #'s in half dummies

    another reporter added: “$20 a gram, usually if its low or mid grade you'll get a fat bag.

    $280-400 an ounce depeding on quality”

    Regardless of what you see, we got some good shit coming in the area especially Sour Diesel!
  5. from the finger lakes roughly 9 hours from NYC
  6. What part of suffolk are you in?

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