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New Yorkers?

Discussion in 'General' started by SplitGenetics, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Don't see too many of you guys on here from New York, so any New Yorkers,.. Ride up and make a quick post, say a little about yourself and what part of New York your near or around..
  2. I lived in brooklyn for a summer on Gibbons street.

    Loved the spot and the vibes but not a place I could live long term.

    You guys on long island have some great iced tea ;)
  3. I'm from suffolk county, Long Island. Approximately 1 hour- 1 hour 15 minutes to the city.
  4. Nice man, and ya damn right about the tea lmao. best pizza and bagels worldwide too :p
  5. Even living there for a few months I felt like I only saw a fraction of what NYC had to offer.

    So much to do there; not a biggest fan of the people (no offense) too abrasive for my taste.
  6. Grew up in queens ! Love Ny
  7. I'm from Staten Island was good
  8. Know a few people who used to live in Staten Island, only know one thats there right now, whats crackin
  9. yeah the city's got it all.. got the good and bad it's the city that never sleeps, not for everybody haha, and yeah new yorks known for its people.. But we got it all here, a rediculous variety of people
  10. queens...pffpffpass wsup
  11. representing buffalo
  12. got a dime on the redskins y0...trying to get paid
  13. 718 brooklyn here
  14. Westchester County 914!
  15. Guess I'm holding down the GC base by myself here up in the Albany region.
  16. Word up my sister, her husband and my niece live in in the 914 .. I love it up there beautiful shit man

  17. Yes Westchester is very nice, you should come thru one day so we can blaze one.
  18. Well see whats up next time I'm up there ill hit ya up
  19. how much are oz in your area in nyc?
  20. Varies. High grade - anywhere from 300-380, I cop them for 330 normally for top shelf medical grade buddha. Got some super silver haze, some sour diesel and Permafrost at the moment.

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