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New Yorkers - Ounce prices

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Vexus, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. How much are you guys paying an ounce for quality dank?
  2. 250-300 is a good price
  3. Ya right in New York you wont touch headies for under 400.

  4. I've lived in tri-state area my whole life, getting a dank zip for that price is unheard of, unless you are buying in weight. $400-600 is what most people will quote, and they almost always call it "haze" :rolleyes::smoke:
  5. From what I hear, aaron man is pretty much on the money.

    Chicago prices are bad enough...but NY is crazy.
  6. I get some decent shit from my BFF who sells his OZs $200.

    Might find a seed or too but the high is one of those in the back of your head cerebral highs.
  7. My Friend in NY says he gets dro/fire for 300 a zip.
  8. Dro is mids usually. I can't stand dro.

    Fire/dank is all I can stand smoking these days.

    Thanks for the answers guys I knew it was somewhere around 400+

  9. eh you might be buying some shwag man sorry to tell you...

    i get my o's for 365 but i always buy in bulk
  10. buying a single O, be ready to pay 400-500 depending on connect / quality in NYC/ LI
  11. Nah dude it's my bestfriend. He hooks it up.

    That's an exclusive "me" price. =]
  12. the MOST i pay is 200 but it helps being less then an hour from the border:smoking:
  13. exclusive me price of some shwag
  14. How is Dro normally mids?

    I've never seen mids grown in Hydroponics, Ever.
  15. how do you know you haven't rofl.. even the most cultured cultivators couldnt tell the difference in HIGHS or appearance.
  16. Um....because most people who grow in hydroponics would

    1. take the time to remove the males so there are no seeds.
    2. dry and cure their bud properly.
    3. Not brick it up or compress it for transport.

    Ever seen properly dried, cured, seedless, non-compressed mids? I haven't.
  17. you havent seen any mids in grown hydroponicly because if you grow mids in a hydroponic kit its going to come out to be beast.
  18. i was talking about soil/hydro grows.. and believe me you can never know unless you talk to the grower.

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