New Yorker looking to go to Colorado for bud.. can anyone help

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  1. Hello I am from NY and want to go to Colorado to get some good cheap bud!!! let me know if anyone can help.... we can exchange facebooks so we can check each others character out. 420 peace and love!!

  2. I live in Colorado, any place in particular your planning on going? Not every county allows the sale of marijuana. The Denver Boulder area is all good places to buy some good ganj at a good price. To be honest dispensary prices are about the same as NY street prices 50.00 an eighth
  3. I go to Terrapin Care Station they have a bargain shelf where they sell herb for a great price
  4. Take me with you..

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  5. I visited Boulder last week. The first dispensary we hit was the Green Room. A really cool chick waited on us. We were very happy with our purchases though we should have gone with a stronger cookie instead of the 10 mg rookie cookie. Picked up some Star Dawg, Jack Flash, Afghani Kush and Dairy Queen.

    The second dispensary was Native Roots which is on the mall downtown. Picked up a cookie for the flight home. Very cool place. There's a really nice head shop next to it. I've never seen so much glass.

    Can't wait to go back.

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