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    Hey everyone,

    Found this really good that was in the New Yorker about diffrent aspects with bud...its a bit long but well worth the read.

    They interview a delivery person and jorge cervantes from high times
  2. the link goes to the last page of the article. Just letting everyone know so you don't make the mistake I did and just start reading and get really confused when it doesn't make sense. :smoke:
  3. Great article, thanks for posting.
  4. The URL now takes you to the first page....sorry about that
  5. My first thought, that graphic is freaky...
    "The semi-reliable Skeleton key" -That is AWESOME.
    People might say its biased, but there cant be an unbiased position to weed because if youve smoked it your biased, if you havent, you cant talk about it because you dont know the experience, so your still biased.
    But honestly i couldn't read the entire article.
  6. I totally agree with you...the reason you cant help but b biased is because after people try it they truly know that its not as bad as people make it seem...And the article is definetly really long but a good source nonetheless lol
  7. It's a really good article, I get the actual magazine so I read it a few days ago. Mentions a lot of important stuff, especially the fact that our founding fathers not only grew hemp, but used the paper for a draft of the declaration. Most people definitely don't know that.
  8. great read, thanks for posting. I hope for us NYers and anyone else in need that the times are a-changing. heres to the criminal law system choking on a fat cloud of some legal smoke.:hello:

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